Prophecy confirmation: South Africa, a country sold.

This message may not concern everyone. However, regardless of the place where you live, you may learn a thing or two on how to spiritually preserve a nation.

In May 2022 (23/05/2022), I sent out a prophetic message about the current South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. The message can also be found on my blog platform at this link: Cyril Ramaphosa

For the readers who are based outside South Africa, let me give you a quick explanation about South African politics:

“ Cyril Ramaphosa is the current president of South Africa from 2018. Like every politician, he came to power with promises of economic prosperity and justice. However, his mandate was blurred by the pandemic and very slow justice reforms. As the years of his mandate came to maturity, his popularity decreased a lot since he was seen by many ‘as being too slow and too soft’. Things imploded when national riots exploded throughout the country in July 2021 and where civilians were pillaging shops. The July 2021 riots, combined with a national energy crisis and the economic chaos (e.g: unemployment) caused by the pandemic were signs that the President was growing desperate. In the physical world and on national TV, he looks ‘together’ but I look at him through spiritual eyes, I see that he looks desperate.

The peak of his desperation came around August-September this year when his political enemies revealed that he had business dealings in his farm where millions of dollars were stolen. Apparently, that amount of money was never declared to the national revenue service and this could potentially be a crime. Now, his political enemies are trying to use that ‘potential crime’ to get him removed from office.

Please, I want you to remember what I wrote in that prophetic message: “Sometime towards the end of the year 2022, the current South African President, in an act of desperation (to save his country), will dedicate the country to a demonic spirit. He will do that thinking that he will save the nation from sudden disaster but in reality, it will be a pact that will turn the country into a demonic region (capital) in Africa.”

Knowing that he was surrounded by a poor achievement in his current mandate and by financial misconduct in his business dealings, the President went to a North African country (I will not name the country) in November 2022. He did not just go and meet other politicians. When he went there, he was introduced to a demonic spirit or a high principality by other international leaders. The goal of the meeting was to dedicate South Africa to that demonic spirit and in exchange, he was promised that his problems would be solved. However, a pact was signed in which he was given a large amount of money for the country. That sum of money is a loan that South Africa must repay. That loan is designed to restructure and redesign South Africa totally.

When the President made the pact, they (the people working with that spirit) gave him money and they gave him a program.

On the physical eyes, that program looks good and beautiful. However, if you look through the spiritual eyes, you will see that the program contains policies that will bring the country down. The main objective of that loan is to turn South Africa into:

  • An ungovernable state
  • A House of Witchcraft and a witchcraft doorway through Africa
The group of people ,who gave the loan to the President, are individuals who serve that demonic spirit. They intend on controlling South Africa through that loan.
I know that some people think I am ‘crazy or nut’ but at least, before casting such judgment on me, please think about the following questions:

Two European countries contributed a large amount in that loan. The goal of their contribution is to ensure that South Africa adopts a full blown green energy program. Those two European countries are currently struggling to keep the lights on in their countries (because of the Russian-Ukraine War) and they are currently seeking oil energy throughout the world. Their own populations are struggling and rioting due to living conditions and yet they are giving billions of Rands to South Africa. It does not make sense…but in the demonic realms, it makes sense.

If that loan is good, why is the South African government not releasing the conditions attached to the loan? Of course, one day we will know the conditions and we will definitely be shocked.

So, if you are living in South Africa, what should you do?

  • You will need to deepen your prayer life
  • Increase your meditation of the Word
Seek, hear and obey the directives of the Lord in all aspects of your life (e.g: career,relationship, studies,ect…)

Walk in God’s directives so that His protections upon you and your family will be effective.

Apply the principles of Biblical Honor. (I have taught so many things about honor on my blog. Please go check on my website by searching the keyword ‘Honor.’)

If your kids are going to school, it is high time you start scrutinizing school programs because, as a result of that demonic pact, school programs will be altered to teach strange things to kids. Parents who can’t afford private schools will have a hard time to fight those new educational programs.