Also, pray for the current South African President because he has lost control of the country's governance. He may look calm on TV but he is troubled inside himself. There will be more political and economic challenges ahead. One of the challenges will involve the salaries of public servants. I see as if the financial reserves will get dried out to the point where not all public servants will get a salary at a certain point before 2024. Sometime towards the end of the year 2022, the current South African President, in an act of desperation (to save his country), will dedicate the country to a demonic spirit. He will do that thinking that he will save the nation from sudden disaster but in reality, it will be a pact that will turn the country in a demonic region (capital) in Africa.

Though this presented message sounds horrific, its realisation can be avoided.


One of the reasons why the enemy has picked South Africa as a place of operation is because South Africa has relatively more advanced infrastructures that its African peers.


This is what we need to do as the Church:

1. We have to pray for God's hand to repel the plan of Satan.

2. If you are a South African Christian and if God has called you to enter South African politics, then I implore you now:"Please enter into your destiny now!" We need all the Christians to fill the seats in Parliament, in the national institutions, in the State enterprises and in various other public offices. But you need to rise now before it's too late.

3.Finally, if you know the current South African President personally or if you have access to him, then convey your Christian influence on him as soon as possible because he is on the verge of desperation.

Please share this message with your pastor and your church.