Hi there!

Thank you for visiting this page. If you are visiting this page, I believe that you are interested in knowing more about the 'Expansion Vision'.

For years, my ministry has been focused on teaching the Word of God through writing.

Recently, God told me to elevate my current strategy in order to reach more people through videos, tours, seminars and various media platforms.

This new strategy requires funds for the following items:

A media studio valued at 27 000 Rands (this will include a camera, lights equipment, microphones, a green screen and studio furniture).

A digital music studio along with a compatible advanced computer to the value 13 000 Rands.

Marketing funds to advertise videos on social media platforms. Though the marketing of videos will be continuous, for now the ministry will require 60 000 Rands. That money will be used to promote Bible teaching videos in view to reach millions of viewers around the world.

Donations can be made in all currencies of the world. Feel free to make use of the Google currency converter, if you wish to better understand the value of your donation in your local currency.

I will be the first to contribute towards this vision and if you find in your heart the willingness to help me reach reach millions and to advance the Kingdom of God, please feel free to donate towards the vision:

Here are the different ways to give:

1. You may give via bank transfer or by making a deposit to the following account:

Maurice Kande,

Bank: Tymebank

Account: 51019282040

Branch code: 678910

Acc. type: Current account

Swift code: CBZAZAJJ

2. If you live in South Africa, you may give via e-wallet to this number: 062 132 1787

3. Via MUKURU to :

Maurice Kande

Country: South Africa

Phone number:+ 27 62 132 1787

4. If you wish to donate via WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM, please send me an email for more details to: maurekan@gmail.com

5. Alternatively, please make use of Paypal for paypal or credit cards donations by making use of the button below: