Concerning the future, I have not seen many things.

However, there have been three dreams that God showed me. Please read them carefully and act upon reading them.

First dream: A new pandemic coming

Since the beginning of this year, the Lord showed me that another pandemic is on its way. I saw a pandemic carrying a disease that tired people.

The disease was sucking people’s energy. As I dreamt about it, the Lord also instructed me to take vitamins. For the past 5 months, I have been taking Vitamins D and multivitamins to re-enforce my immune system.

This is not medical advice but I suggest that everyone checks on vitamin intakes by either taking pills or through natural means (e.g: fruits, solar light,ect…)

Second dream: War between US and China

Sometime last year, I saw a confrontation between the US and China. The confrontation involved the use of low intensity nuclear missiles over the Chinese sky. The period of the event was between 2024 and 2025.

Please note that this conflict must be avoided at all costs. It can be avoided if we pray against it and if we elect leaders who care more about people than making money through wars and arms production.

Third dream: Rockets and missiles flying against South Africa

This year, I saw myself in South Africa in a dream at night and I was standing, I looked up and I saw missiles attacking South Africa. In the same dream, South Africa was retaliating with an Iron Dome. I could see South African soldiers around me. Those soldiers were launching missiles to stop the enemy’s rockets from falling on South Africa soil.

In my spirit, I could clearly see that South Africa was at war.

This can also be avoided with prayer (but please read my comments on the third dream).

My comments on the three dreams:

Concerning the first dream, I can only suggest that people re-enforce their intake of vitamins. It seems that a group of very bad people are really trying to spread another disease.

In Luke 5:10-11,Jesus said:

“Then he said to them: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.”

Notice that pestilences come after wars and famines. At this moment, many countries are preparing to go to war. For the dark forces, war times will be the best times to release a pandemic.

Concerning the second dream, I have not much to say. However, we have to pray hard and make sure that we vote for politicians who care about people.

The third dream is really puzzling to me but I understand it better now. If you check South Africa’s foreign policy, you will notice that South Africa has recently taken some fierce positions on the conflict in Europe and the Middle East. Those foreign policies have the potential to place South Africa in the ‘crosshair of war’, should there be a third world war.

As I mentioned previously, many war prophecies and dreams can be avoided with prayer and right actions.

However, it is still important to share dreams and visions in order to know how to avoid certain pitfalls.