Poverty and shame shall come to the one who refuses instructions

The Bible is very clear: ‘poverty and shame shall come to the one who refuses instruction.’ (Proverbs 13:18)

In my life, I have never seen a person who rebels against wisdom and Biblical instruction prosper and live an honorable life.

We also see the same within church where there are always those people who consider themselves as smarter than the Bible and smarter than Jesus.

In the Bible, there will be verses you may agree with and there might be verses you may not agree with.

Simply because you are in disagreement with a Bible instruction, it does not give you a license to refuse the Biblical instruction.

When Adam and Eve refused the instruction regarding the forbidden fruit, their destiny landed in a territory of shame and away from the abundance of Eden.

Poverty and shame are like two entities seeking an address where to live. Whenever they see a person refusing Biblical and Gdly instructions, they (poverty and shame) say: ‘This is where we are going to live!’

If you are constantly subject to poverty and shame,then ask yourself this question:

‘Am I constantly rejecting Biblical and Godly instructions?’

If the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, then start learning to embrace God’s instructions even when they don’t please your flesh.