Conquering Darkness with the Light of God

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (John 1:5)

Whether in the spiritual or in the natural, darkness can not overcome light.

Darkness can only overcome light if the light dies off.

Certain people with vicious and dark minds are operating to expand darkness on the face of the Earth. One of their objectives is to engulf the whole world (including the children of God) into that darkness.

Jesus, in Matthew 5:16 wrote: ‘ Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’

As Christians, we got to be doing the work that was assigned to us. One of the reason why the darkness shines is because many Chrisitans have taken a step back from most angles of society.

Whenever a Christian steps away from a position where God sent him/her, more darkness spreads.

Since Jesus commanded us to work till His return (ref. Luke 19:13), we should not stop  spreading our light.

A group of vicious people have already planned to engulf the world in darkness. However, darkness can only catch those who walk in darkness. If you walk in the light of the Lord, then the darkness will not comprehend you. However, if you walk in darkness, their darkness will take over your life.

Many people,naively, think that those wicked leaders are just plain human people. These wicked people are in communication with demonic spirits through all sorts of spiritual rituals.

One of their strategies consisted in forcing the children of God to shut their lights down (through lockdowns and governmental policies restricting movements, verbal and written communications) so that they could advance their darkness. Notice how their darkness has advanced since 2020. They just needed to shut the gathering of the children of Light to advance faster.

In the same way that children of Light were assigned specific works to do, the people of darkness were also assigned a list of work to accomplish.

In Ephesians 5:3-7, the Apostle Paul mentions a list of the works of darkness. One of those dark works is clearly in operation in this day and age and it is the work of greed.

Greed is the one thing that feeds the biggest armed conflicts that are occuring in Europe. Because of greed, certain people are ready to support armed conflicts with weapons so that they can make money for themselves.

A few years ago, because of greed, certain people imposed a remedy against a pestilence that killed millions of people. It turned out that the remedy was not as effective as they claimed. Those people just wanted to make profits.

Because of an insatiable greed for power, dominance and authority, the people of darkness are now working at launching a wave of circumstances designed to engulf the whole world into darkness.

But those who are in the Light of God, will escape: ‘either by remaining standing once the wave is over, or by escaping into eternity with God.’

You see my friend, at this point in time, you do not need to be a prophet to understand that a wave of nefarious circumstances is about to be rolled out on the surface of the Earth. 

Though the people of darkness have their works, the children of light also have their works assigned to them.

In Ephesians 5:8-10, the Apostle Paul mentions that we have to know what pleases the Lord as part of the works of light.

What pleases the Lord is His will. Besides, personal revelations, the will of God in you life can be found in the Scripture. When you apply the Scriptures, you are displaying the light of God and darkness will not contain you.

For example, the Scriptures state that we should honor our parents so that we may live a long life in the land that God has given us (ref. 20:12). Such scripture is part of the deeds of Light which can destroy a darkness of pestilence.

People of darkness know that they can't beat the children of Light. However, they take advantage of the ignorance of the chidlren of Light.
The ignorance of the children of Light on their own power is a door that darkness uses to spread its influence.

There are so many other Bible passages which can be practiced to destroy darkness.

Many people have been called by God to fill various positions in society. As you do the will of God, you will destroy the pockets of darkness in society and the people of darkness will have a hard time in spreading their dark works.