PROPHECY: USA vs. CHINA (2024-2025)

Around the month of May this year, I had a dream from the Lord:

'In the dream, I was floating in the sky and I could see low intensity nuclear missiles clashing against each other. Suddenly, in my spirit, I discovered that I was floating in Chinese airspace. The missiles were American missiles clashing against counter attacking Chinese missiles. In my spirit, I discerned that the conflict was occurring within a period ranging between 2024 and 2025.'

Then I woke up.

In the dream, God was showing me that the USA will ultimately go to war against China. However, the war will be characterized by the use of nuclear weapons.

This dream also implied that the war would occur during the upcoming American election. This can only lead to conclude that martial law will be invoked in both China and the USA.

Usually, when martial law is invoked, most regular activities set on national calendars get canceled.

For this reason, I am feeling doubtful about a peaceful and uninterrupted electoral process in the USA next year. However, we can pray for a peaceful American electoral season next year.

The Gruver prophecy

In the 1980's, a man named Henry Gruver gave a severe prophecy about the invasion of America by an external force. At the end of the vision, he saw that the invaders were...Chinese!

The vision can be seen in the video below:

Not all Americans want war, not all Americans are warmongers. As a matter of facts, the average American is more focused on domestic problems than on foreign policies.

American wars are mostly fueled by elites running military complex industries. Those elites finance politicians who will give the greenlight for those wars.

The more wars continue, the more they (the elites) benefit by selling arms.

If you are reading this post and if you believe in warning people, I am asking you to do the following:

* Please share this post as much as you can.

*Please pray for America and China. Pray that industrial greed does not blind the eyes of decision makers. Pray for more faith and wisdom to be poured on the Church in order to go through this terrible event which is about to happen.