Regardless of what we believe, there will be a Judgement Day.

There will be a Day where we will give an account on every thought, actions and words. Some Christians may deny the plausibility of such a day but the truth is: “that Day will come”

Though various topics will be discussed between God and Humanity, one of the discussed topics will center around the completion of our God-given purpose.

Within this context, many will come up with excuses as to why they could not achieve their God-given mission.

Excuses vary from one person to another. Some justify their failures due to their backgrounds, their skin color, their physical attributes, their looks, their financial poverty, etc…

Failure to achieve our God-given purpose is a sin. The Bible clearly states the following:

“When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.”(James 1:13-14)

The original definition of sin in Greek was a reference to ‘missing the mark’. When someone fails to live his/her God given purpose, that person misses the mark.

In truth, we have to remember that God never sets anyone of us to fail.Therefore, no one should that God sent them on a mission to fail.

If God sets you up on your purpose, it also means that He has also provided you with all the necessary tools to succeed your mission. Therefore, nothing should stop you. No elements such as your skin color, your nationality, a physical feature, none of those should constitute a reason to justify failures.

I know that those things can be hard to grasp, especially if you struggle to do anything related to your God given purpose.

However, I believe that God has sent us human examples to distort and destroy any form of negativity that could justify our failures. Since humanity has existed for over 5000 years, it is very likely that other people walked in a situation similar or worse to yours and yet they succeeded in living their God given purpose.

One extreme example is found in the life of a man named Nick Vujicic. He was born with no limbs and yet he managed to live his purpose. His situation encompasses many of the challenges we face everyday.

Nick Vujicic did it and yet, there are people in much better health who still have not completed the first step in their destiny…

Besides Nick Vujicic, there are other people who, in spite of tremendous challenges, manage to live their God given purpose.

Those people are not only models to emulate but they are also living examples warning us that many excuses justifying failure won’t stand on Judgement Day.