When Revelation becomes real (part 1)

Back in the late 90’s, when I read the book of Revelation, I had a hard time understanding the meaning of symbolism involved. It was hard to understand the meaning of the seven Churches, the dragons and beasts, the role of the end time messengers and all the various symbols.

But now, as we are in 2023, I  have a better understanding of what those symbols meant.

I now understand that the book of Revelation is like a puzzle with various pieces scattered. However, the pieces of the puzzle tend to make sense over time. What used to be images of fiction have become plausible realities.

Here are a few things that are now clearer regarding the first four seals of revelation:

 From Revelations 6:1-8, the Bible speaks about the first four seals. Upon the opening of each seal, an event occurs as well.

The first seal (Revelations 6:2) opens the way to a rider destined to conquer. Many scholars and Bible teachers agree that the rider represents a person or a group of people who will conquer the world through a false doctrine or through a doctrine acting as a ‘Christ counterfeit’. The rise of a counterfeit Christ has become more plausible than ever. Especially when considering the fact many church goers are able to embrace and adopt world ideologies and depraved culture. If churchgoers are able to adopt and sponsor world concepts within the church, it also means that in due season, ‘counterfeit christs will easily penetrate the church and the world.

The second seal opens the way for a rider destined to take out peace from the Earth (Revelation 6:3-4). There have been wars and conflicts for decades but since World War II, the world has not experienced a conflict that caused international global collateral damages on energy,food, inflation, and the economy until 2022… If you pay attention to political affairs, you will notice that the US is on the brink of another conflict with China (over Taiwan and over world dominance). Such conflict will again have a domino effect on other regions of the world.

Take also note of the fact that conflicts have become a profitable business for the arms industry. As a result, many governments will shy away from peace efforts in order to make money through the production and sales of arms.

The third seal opens ways for economic turmoil in the form of famine and serious inflation (Revelation 6:5-6). Global food inflation has already started. However, what we see now is relatively low compared to apocalyptic levels. In order to reach apocalyptic levels, there has to be more events that will cause such levels of economic distress. In our current reality, another war with global collateral damage can cause such distress.

The fourth seal opens the way for a rider named ‘Death’ (Revelation 6:7-8). Notice that this rider feeds its ‘effectiveness’ from the previous two seals. As a result ,wars, food inflation and with the addition of a plague, a quarter of humanity is eradicated. If the fourth seal had to be opened today, it would mean that close to 2 billion humans would die.

The first four seals turned into reality

Back in the 90’s, the book of revelation would be considered as a ‘fable’ or as a ‘mythology’ that would not make sense. However, with all the events the world has witnessed since 2020, it is clear that we are witnessing a series of ‘global acts’ that render the plausibility of the book of revelation at a high level.

It is very possible that humans and AI (artificial intelligence) can play a role in copying Christ as in the first seal.

The continuity of international wars remains a high probability especially when considering that the hearts of many men are consumed into making a profit out of those wars.

The apocalyptic levels of food inflation are very plausible, especially in lights of the current existing inflation.

The fourth seal, which is a devastating seal, also remains very plausible. Decades ago, many of us would have considered the passage of Revelation 6:8 as crude symbolism with no real prospect. However, the past three years have taught us that it is possible that a mad and greedy man (with a misplaced vision of grandeur) would want to create a ‘candy’ in a lab in order to wipe humanity. Notice that a quarter of the humanity only gets wiped out when the plague comes into play.

The book of revelation, which was thought by many to be a fable, has now become a reality.Thank God, many of us believed in the book of Revelation by Faith.

So what should we do?

The book of Revelation should not be considered as a book to stimulate fear in us. On the contrary, we should rejoice that the book keeps recounting signs that are announcing the soon return of our Lord.

However, in light of the revelation of the book, we should:
  1. Take our Christian life seriously
  2. Maintain a Holy life without promoting sinful culture
  3. Act as lights and salt of this world and solutions to problems that the world faces
  4. Increase evangelisation efforts.
  5. Be at the place where God wants you to be. In other words, God has called us in various sectors of society and we have to fill the gaps in those sectors instead of being passive watchers. It’s easy for evil doers to act when the righteous are idle.

It is all tempting to freeze and remain a spectator but Jesus has never called us to be spectators. Until his return, we will have to act and be light and salt of the earth.