Wait like a diligent farmer


A beautiful word often used in Christian environments…we say things like ‘wait on God’, ‘wait for the season’, wait-wait-wait…

Some of us have become a ‘wait-generation’ who has decided to stop everything.

And yes, there will be many times where God will tell you to wait. But today’s post will revolve around a different form of ‘waiting’ that I call ‘waiting like a farmer’.
Maybe you had great expectation in January but as the year ends, you suddenly realize how disappointing the year has been. Many hoped for miracles and breakthroughs when January came knocking at our doors but...

Many disappointed people this year, waited for great things to come but nothing much came around, especially through this pandemic.
As the global health crisis seems to reach its end, I want you to reshape your thinking and learn on waiting like a Farmer.

Bounce back like a diligent farmer.

Patience is an exceptional virtue for life, but let’s learn to be patient like diligent farmers.
A farmer abides himself/herself to planting seeds on the soil until they produce fruitful plants. But until the harvesting season comes, the farmer has to wait patiently. Some plants take up to nine months until they bear fruits.

When the farmer waits he/she knows that something is coming as a result of planting something.
And I know that some people might say: ‘but that’s not faith…we should learn to wait by faith…’
Well, if you think that way, then please be reminded that ‘faith without actions is dead’(James 2:17). 

When the farmer plants seeds, he actively affirms his faith for harvesting time.

Your faith needs to be proven by planting ‘seeds of actions’.
You cannot expect to get your degree, if you don’t plant a seed of ‘personal study’.
You cannot expect to get a job if you don’t plant a seed called ‘active job seeking (submitting CVs).
You cannot expect a fruitful year without planting active seeds in laying out a yearly plan.
You cannot expect to be a fit sportsman without planting seeds of physical training.

People have this constant tendency of thinking that the world owes them something. They justify their 'patience' with spiritual verses that do not exist in the Bible…Look at the diligent farmers who , at least, can demand from the earth to give them what they should rightfully receive because they planted a seed.

The diligent farmer waits after planting.

If you wish for a fruitful time, fruitful relationships, fruitful life, then start planting seeds around you.
A seed can have many forms, it can be a plan, a smile, a visit, a telephone call, submitting a CV, a generous gift, a business plan, making an application or anything else...

Plant your seed first, then wait like a diligent farmer.

Bounce back like a diligent farmer. You can't demand or expect a harvest if you don't sow anything.