Lord and Savior: 'the package dilema'

Most of us, in Christian circles, are familiar with the passage of Romans 10:9 where Paul writes:

'If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.'

I think that one of the greatest problem that many Christians face is the inability to accept Jesus as both Savior and Lord. Many just want the 'Savior' part but they refuse anything that has to do with the 'Lord' part. Especially in this generation of ours where disorderly conduct and mischief behavior have become a virtue to be praised.

For many churchgoers, Jesus is only a Savior. If it is the case for you, then take note of this:

'It is only when you consider Jesus as both your Lord and Savior that you will live the purpose that God has designed for you.'

'Lord' means 'owner, boss'.

When you consider Jesus a Lord or your owner, it means that Jesus guides you through what He wants for your life. And if you confess Him as Lord, you also make the decision to submit to Him.

The problem we have today, is the fact that many see 'submission' to Jesus and His words as a weakness or counter cultural.

In spite of confessing a 'salvation prayer' some time back, some of you are still the lords of your own lives.

If you are still the lord of your own life, If you are still living with a high sense of self importance to the point where not even God can tell you what to do, then I can only tell you one thing:

'You are missing out.'

You may think that you are smart, more important than God's will, or the most intelligent person in the whole universe. And that sense of self importance boosts your confidence in rejecting Jesus as Lord.

Over the years, I have received so many messages from people telling me how God spoke to them 20,10 or even 30 years ago about something that He told them to do. Those people did not do obey because Jesus was only a Savior to them and not their Lord. Years later, those people lived to regret and they understood why it was necessary for them to obey back then...

I also had my fair share of mistakes caused by my past habit of being selective of the will of God. I was a church goer and yet I would only do God's will when it was pleasing to my flesh. I would leave out the parts that were cumbersome and irritating to my 'smartness'. Today, when I consider the number of things I have missed through my selectiveness, I realize that my smartness was real garbage compared to the will of God.

By reading this, someone might think that I am some uneducated Christian dude. No, on the contrary. I have two university degrees, I speak three international languages (of which two are Latin languages),I have studied Latin and Greek(yes, I can read Greek ) and I understand Latin ethymology (yes, I do). I also speak African languages. In high school, I was taught with the works of Cicero, Virgil, Plato, Homer, Socrates, Karl Marx, Montesquieu JP Sartre, Beauvoir and many more...

And I used to be very selective of what was contained in the will of God. Whenever faced with God's will, I would take one part and I would leave another part.

I am no longer that man.

Ignoring the Lordship of Jesus, based on earthly knowledge and human smartness, is a garbage thing to do. Believe me.

You may not want the 'Lord' part in Jesus. But know that your disobedience and reluctance to the Lordship of Jesus will bear consequences in this current life. And if you don't repent, it will have consequences on judgement day (reference: Matthew 7:21).

Do not let your degrees, your knowledge, your political affiliation or your own desires lead you away from submitting to the Lordship of Jesus.

Most problems in Christians lives and churches are rooted in the desire to choose Jesus as Savior only rather than both 'Savior and Lord'.

If you wish to surrender your life to Christ, you can pray the following words:

' Lord Jesus,

Thank you for coming on Earth for me,

Thank you for dying at the cross for me.

I believe that God has raised you from the dead,

Take my life into your hands,

guide me through your will from now on.

I declare you as Lord.

You are the Savior and the Lord of my life'


If you have prayed the above prayer, please email me and let me know. I will keep you in my prayer as well.