How to make stubborn demons flee from you

In spiritual warfare, there is a concept that makes reference to “demonic stubbornness”.

In spiritual warfare, “demonic stubbornness” refers to a rebellious and resisting attitude that a demon manifests. In other words, in such case, a demon or multiple demons are:

Refusing to go when being cast out or/and,

Persisting with their demonic works in the life of their targets.

Please note that demonic manifestation does not only manifest in the body of a possessed person. There are many ways that a demon can utilize to manifest. Demons can also manifest  through life circumstances.

For example, a continuous series of events leading to destruction could be the works and manifestation of demons. A person can look sane on the outside while his/her circumstances could be ravaged by demons.

When it comes to ‘getting rid of demons, this is what you should know:

Demons can be cast out when a believer exercises his/her authority in the Name of Jesus. Such action is done when the believer commands a demon to leave in the Name of Jesus.

However, certain demons and spirits can only be cast out through prayer and fasting (ref. Matthew 17:21). For certain demonic forces, it does not suffice to cast them out in the Name of Jesus. For those demons, consistent prayer and fasting are necessary in order to drive them out.

Furthermore, it can also happen that a demon or multiple demons refuse to leave because of a sinful lifestyle promoted by their human target. In other words, a sin or multiple sins can be the reason explaining the persistence of demons in the life of a person.

In James 4:7, the Bible says: “ Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

When we submit to God, it also means that we submit to His will. In other words, the more we submit to God, the more His will is present into our lives. The will of God is a form of power that the enemy cannot tolerate. The more you live the will of God in your life, the more you make it difficult for the enemy to build a stand in your life.

‘Resisting the devil’ also means saying ‘no’ to his temptations and suggestions. When you submit to God and when you resist the devil, the demons will have no other choice than to flee from you.

Sometimes ‘casting out demons in Jesus Name’ is not enough if our lifestyle embraces sin.

It is important to adopt the necessary steps which can take us away from a sinful lifestyle.

Let’s all remember this: “at times, God can utilize a blessing to keep us from falling into sin.” As an example, God can provide a job to someone in order to prevent him/her from becoming a thief…”

Though a blessing is not always a guarantee that someone would stay away from a sinful lifestyle, it still provides an option to do good and to stay away from evil.

Stubborn demons may not necessarily leave immediately. However, whenever we adopt a Holy lifestyle, they are likely to leave over time.