A year does not make you. You make the year.

 I heard a lot of people say: 'I can't wait for this current horrific year to go. I know that the next year will be better.'

Those people speak as if a year makes life better.

Let me get it straight:

' A year does not make you. You make the year.'

You see my friend, even evil people understand that principle better than many Christians. Evil people can decide to meet in a powerful forum or they can decide to create a destructive 'candy ' in a laboratory, and they can turn a year into a nightmare.

It' s us , people, who make a year.

You see my friend, when men created the current calendar, God did not even come from Heaven to forbid or impose changes on the names of the month.

As a matter of facts, Jesus was not even born in December. The '25 of December', was a date set by men in commemoration of his birth but He was not born on December 25.

What can we learn from it?

It's the human who make the year. The year does not make us.

A year does not conceive a baby. But humans do.

A year does not move from door to door applying for a job or creating a company. Humans do.

A year does not even name itself '2022,or 2023, or2019 nor anything else'. It's the human who give a label to a year.

So why do we ascribe so much power to a year?

And please don't get me wrong, I know that there are so many events we can't control (e.g: deaths around us, natural disasters,ect...) but when those events hit, a 'year' will certainly not come and fix the whole negative situation. You are the one who is going to adapt, change or fix the situation.

I have never heard a year express itself like: 'Oh! My name 2022 and I am bringing great treasures to you!'

No, never. A year cannot do that.

We, humans, are the ones who make the year. And of course, I know that we must involve God and His will in our time management. But guess what: 'ultimately, you are the one who is going to decide on how you will manage your time.'

God can instruct you about how to manage your time, but He is not going to come and do what you are supposed to do because you have a part to play this year. God did not even stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit, though they knew His will.

The year does not make you. You make the year.

I wish you all the best for this new year !

'Happy new year!!!!'