Prophecy confirmation: Rise in witchcraft activities for 2023

A few days ago, I wrote a message that contained a warning on what to expect for the year 2023. Among some of the things to expect, I warned of the upcoming surge of witchcraft activities that will engulf the continuity of the current global crisis.  You can also find a link to the message on my blog on this link : Warning about 2023.

As a confirmation of my message,I would like to discuss something that is currently happening in South Africa. Recently, a fast food company has been promoting an App that detects ghosts and spirits. In other words, the App allows the user to detect the presence of ghosts and spirits in certain environments. The fast food company even went further by turning it into a competition where whenever someone detects a ghost or a spirit, it will send a signal on the App. Upon receiving proof of the existence of the ghost, the App owner (customer) can go to any of the fast food restaurants and claim a free specific burger “to share with the ghost”.

Let me explain to you what they are doing: “you see, in the spiritual world and even in ancient tradition, alliances with God or even spirits were sealed on the altar where food would be sacrificed as a gift to God or to the specific spirits. Abraham, Solomon, David, many of the Jewish Kings were building altars where they would place food in the form of animals for God. On the other hand, spiritists and sorcerers also do the same to their demonic divinities: ‘they offer food to spirits as a form of alliance’.

Whenever someone will claim a free burger based on that competition, as he/she eats the burger, he/she will eat with that spirit and they will forge an alliance.

That’s how people get possessed in their lives.

That competition is just a tip of the iceberg of things to come in 2023. More businesses and politicians will be used to introduce demonic portals to the world.This is why we all need to pray for discernment but also to have a manifestation of the blessing in our lives. You see my friend, it is easy for poor hungry people to run towards this kind of competition just to get a free meal. We also need to pray for a pouring of the blessings so that people have greater strength and reasons to decline such freebies.