Deepen your spirituality in God to fight in these current times

At this point in time and with the various economic troubles experienced, it is very easy to assume that all the current events have a physical source. I would understand if most people would think that way but in truth, the source of all the troubles we encounter is spiritual.

For you to overcome those troubles, you will need to deepen your spirituality in Christ.

There are two things you need to be aware of:The global events we have experienced in the past 3 years have a demonic spiritual origin.

The top leaders and influencers who are ushering those events have spiritual habits. In other words, those leaders practice spiritual activities that allow them to be in contact with demonic spirits. Those activities are often described as ‘meditation of various kinds’ which allow them to receive inspiration for various policies that often go against the Scriptures and against the Church. If you don’t believe me, then go check it out for yourselves. Most of those people are involved in some spiritual practice from which they source their strange ideas. Some of them may even claim to be atheist while they either worship a demonic entity or they are involved in some form of mystical meditative practice.

One of the biggest problems that many Christians face is the fact they choose to deal with spiritual problems with physical solutions. This explains why it is so hard for them to overcome problems with demonic sources.

In John 4:24, Jesus says that God is spirit and we have to worship him in Spirit and in Truth. There are two interesting points to consider:First, God is superior to All things He created (physical and spiritual)
Jesus tells us that we should worship God in spirit and in truth. It implies that we have to engage spiritually and truthfully with God.

Some of the top reasons explaining why Jesus was able to accomplish His mission on Earth was the fact that He was very spiritually inclined towards God.

Please pay attention to the expression ‘spiritually inclined to God’ because there are now many forms of ‘deceptive spirituality’ out there.

Here are a few examples describing the spirituality of Jesus towards God:Jesus prayed to God early in the morning (ref. Mark 1:35)
Jesus was doing the will of God (ref. John 6:38). Obedience to God is a form of spirituality which can be manifested physically on Earth.
Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days to the point of boldly affirming that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God (ref Matthew 4:4).

There are so many examples describing the spirituality of Jesus, but for the sake of time, I will not include them in this post. However, you need to know this: ‘The miracles of Jesus (e.g: walking on water, feeding crowds, detecting money in a fish, healing the sick,etc…) were a physical manifestation of His spirituality.

Now, in the world of today, we need more Christians who will be able to manifest their spirituality towards God in the same way that Jesus did. In fact, Jesus even said that those who believe in me shall do greater things that I have done ( ref. John 14:12). In other words, as we believe in Him, we will act like Him and we will do great deeds as well.

With the current crisis, many individuals ,who are on a fixed salary, will not be able to cope or overcome inflation with physical solutions. Within this crisis, many young graduates and unemployed graduates will not be able to find a solution through their degrees. Only supernatural solutions inspired by God will help Christians during these current times.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, our current global crisis has a spiritual root. To such problems, it is important that we respond with solutions inspired by God. But how will Christians provide such solutions, if they do not maintain their spirituality towards God ?

We need dreamers like Joseph. Dreamers who can enter the spiritual realm of God to find solutions and apply them.
We need prayer warriors like Daniel who prayed earnestly. Not only was Daniel praying but he was also working in the government and he was a prophet.
We need people like King David who understand the true value of the House of the Lord. Taking care of the Church is a spiritual activity. In the Bible,when the House of the Lord was taken care of, the nation of Israel would thrive.
We need more people to pray and fast, regularly or intermittently. Certain demonic forces and powers only leave through fasting and prayer (ref. Matthew 17:21). Verily, I say to you that certain demonic activities influencing education, the economy and our society can only be removed after prayer and fasting.

There are so many other Biblical examples I could use. However, in a nutshell, I am simply calling on everyone to prioritize their spiritual relationship with God through Christ. We are not in a war or crisis rooted in physical causes. The root of the crisis is spiritual. For you to find a solution,you will need to: deepen your fellowship with God through worship and prayer, hear what God says, and apply what God says.

I will leave you with three instructions for our current warfare times:

1. Worship God, pray to God and fast. Make an effort to pray. Fast, because there is a lot of power in fasting.Hear the Voice of God and apply what He says.

2. Read the Scriptures. Paul describes the Scriptures as the sword of the Spirit(ref. Ephesians 6:17). You cannot engage in spiritual warfare without the sword of the Spirit. Read your Bible and apply its principles.

3. Obey the will of God. When the children of God disobey the voice of God, they leave a vacuum in society. Consequently, the enemy fills that vacuum with his children.

4. And finally, apply the principles of Biblical Honor (ref. Proverbs 3:9-10,Luke 6:38, Exodus 20:12, Romans 12:10, 1 Timothy 5:17-18, 1 Peter 3:7). I have spoken so many times on the principles of Honor and their rewards. Those rewards can help in navigating our way above the current economic tensions. You can visit my website for more on the subject of Honor.

Maintain and increase your spirituality towards God through Christ and apply God’s directives in the physical world.