Concerning South Africa, I saw a major demonic spirit whose objective will consist of creating an atmosphere of 'contestation' in the next general elections of 2024. I saw that the demonic spirit was convincing losing parties to contest the results of the election. The enemy wants to turn the upcoming general election into an event where most candidates will refuse the results of the election in order to create violence (war if possible) and chaos.
However, what I saw is only the culmination of Satan's plan for South Africa.

If you live in South Africa, know this: ' all the events that you are experiencing such as the inflation, the unemployment, the energy problems,the social unrest and tensions betwen black locals and foreigners, the political corruption, the crumbling of the ruling party...all those events are part of a machinery designed to turn South Africa into a Satanic region from where witches and demonic operatives will be deployed throughout the continent.

You may not see it now, but it is actually getting there. In Satan's plan, the general election of 2024 is going to be last piece of the puzzle preceding total chaos.

Let us pray that politicians and 2024 political candidates will have a sound mind and heart to run for office in peace and for the good of the people.