Life does not start at 40

This is a very common thread among people…. Many think that life starts at age 40 but it is wrong to think that way.

If Jesus died at 33 and went up to be with God in Heaven, then it is clear that life does not start at 40. By adopting such a worldy belief which is not supported by the Bible, certain believers may place themselves on a delayed train until they reach 40.

As soon as Jesus was born, His enemies wanted to kill Him. His life started from the moment he was born and by the time of His death, He was only 33. After His death, an entire current calendar was set after Him and yet, some people are still waiting to start their life journey at 40….

Life started from the moment you were born and it got more purposeful the day you gave your life to Christ. Stop postponing your goals, missions and dreams. Waiting to turn 40 can not be used or justified for delay.