Theme of the year 2022: 'Build bridges of prosperity'

As you surely know, so many events have changed the course of our lives during the last two years.

Many signs are clearly showing that we are heading towards a system that will precipitate the coming of the Antichrist.

We have seen one pestilence varying from one form to another but next year 2022 will usher more sinister plans from the enemy. One of the main plans of the enemy for 2022 will consist of inflicting the world with severe economic poverty.

There is already a vast amount of 'poverty pockets’ around the world in the form of famines as we have seen before. However, we have to watch out for inflation and unemployment. The enemy wants to inflict such a plan because poverty is an effective avenue to recruit people into satanism and to weaken humanity.

Beyond attacking humanity, satan principally wants to attack the church.

When Adam and Eve were created, God made sure that they had everything in the Garden of Eden. But one of the first plans of satan was to separate Adam and Eve from the prosperity that was available in the Garden of Eden. After they had sinned, God chased them out of Eden (Ref. Genesis 3).

Though the plan of the enemy sounds tough, WE can alter his intentions by building bridges of prosperity.

Those bridges of prosperity will be built by Christian individuals who will stand as leaders and business owners in various spheres of society. Satan wants to stop the economic flow especially against Christians. However, if we have people in higher spheres of government, business and justice, then we can alter his plans.

But this can only happen if those who have been called ,for such a mission, also surrender their lives for the will of God.