Raw Faith (part 4): Faith is the only viable option (special edition)

We have suddenly reached a point where the current global virus has officially mutated into a more deadly one (according to scientists).

If you have been following or receiving my recent teachings, you should remember that I did warn you about the month of October.

The month of October is the ‘planning month’ of satanists, witches and warlocks. After the month of October, those people implement their actions. Note that this new fearsome variant only came after the month of October.

I also warned you in earlier teachings that when the satanic principalities want to implement a specific plan, they also need a large amount of blood sacrifice before launching a new year. In this case we are talking about the year 2022. The year 2022 has a very serious symbolic number and its sum ends in a ‘6’. The number 6 is closely associated with the Beast. The occurrence of the last virus variant now in November 2021 is not a hazard. As a matter of facts, in the spiritual world, there are no hazards and no chances.It was well calculated.

I also warned you in previous teachings that during the month of October, the satanists and witches draw a list of names of the people they will sacrifice.

I also warned you that the vaccine is ‘more of a distraction’. The most important thing is the system that is built around the vaccine. satan needs a system that will be ready for the mark of the Beast when the Antichrist comes.

I am more than certain that the ‘ultimate Antichrist’ is currently alive and waiting for his hour. I have seen the man elected by satan in a dream this year. (Soon, I will give the description of the dream I had).

We also need to pray for Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries: ‘ I see a very powerful and wicked leader coming out of that place. That leader will contribute towards accelerating satan’s agenda on Earth.’ (Please pass on the message).

In a few hours from now, we are going to see dramatic changes designed to precipitate the agenda of satan. The wheel has turned towards another warfare stage.

You can choose to fight or you can sit down.

For months as a Bible teacher, I prepared you for warfare and I did my best not to withhold anything from you. All these months (and years ) of teachings were designed to prepare you for these current times.

I expect everybody who has been following my teachings to live by faith now. Though there are and will be other options, your best viable option is FAITH.

I call on all the heroes of God: ‘if God has planted a vision for the benefit of fellow humans, I implore you to obey quickly because the welfare of many will be influenced by your obedience. Your obedience is proof that you are living by faith.

Please take note of the following:

‘The moment the current US President (Mr. Joe Biden)  will be permanently absent from his office (this will happen very soon), it will be the season where the Church will be highly targeted by her enemies. During that season, the attacks against the church will be clear as the day and officialized.’

All the events that have unfolded in the past years were all designed as a weapon against the Church. They did not want to show it in the beginning but soon (especially after President Biden’s departure), the intentions against the Church will be clear as the day. I say this with pain:’the American Church will be in the frontline of persecutions’.

….But we can have a resistance. That resistance will be led by heroes who will live according to what God tells them to do. Those heroes have been prepared for years in secret and they will come to light very soon.

Though there will be severe persecution, there will be hope.

As I mentioned in January, this is a season of Faith.

We can still prosper,

We can still eat,

We can live healthy,

We can still experience joy and grace,

BUT all of this will only occur through faith.

Though the satanists and their agents will try to persecute and deprive Christians from basic needs, we will need the faith to believe that the God who has fed the children of Israel with Manna will also feed us and prosper us in spite of the machinery of satan.

You need faith here. Here you need faith.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). What has God told you?

Faith without action is dead (James 2:18). You can’t tell me that you have faith if you keep sitting idle on the visions and dreams God gave you. Do you know that the disobedience or inaction of one can cost a lot to other people?

Here is my last warning for today: ‘witchcraft has entered the Church from the pulpit. In other words, in the past recent months,many pastors have sold their souls to satan in exchange of money and fame. Those preachers are now focused on teaching new age contents, NLP stuff and things not related to the Scriptures. Furthermore,soon, witchcraft will enter the White House in the open.False Messiahs and false teachers will arise from within the church pulpits.Be careful who listen to and verify every preaching and teaching in light of the Scripture. Should you encounter such false teacher, just run from them. Do not give them a chance because we do not have enough time left.

Remain in Faith, the Faith that comes from hearing God’s word.