Ultimate Warfare: 'Fighting the system of the Beast with the principles of Honor'

You see my friend, 'honor' is more than just a simple word. The dictionary defines 'honor' as a 'way of showing great esteem or high regard. Though the definition clearly explains the basic meaning of the word, we should not just regard the term as a lip service.

In other words, it is not enough to just know the meaning of the word. We should also know 'HOW' to practice honor.

The term 'honor' in the Bible is one of the key principles that every Christian should practice and master if they want to overcome many life challenges.

Honor is one of those Biblical principles that has a promise with it. And not just any promise. Honor is closely associated with the promise of Honor, power, significant wealth, prosperity and long life. Over the years, I have received many messages of people seeking help and solutions in their lives. While reading and listening to their problems, I realized that, indeed, if they practiced 'Honor' (as in the Bible), they would not find themselves in all the problems they are encountering.

As a matter of facts, many Christians flee away from the subject of honor for the sake of protecting their belongings.

I guarantee you (and I say this out of personal experience). Most of your life problems (if not all) will be solved, once you enter the realm of Honor through practicing it. Do not flee away from it.

I have to warn you because we have entered a new season where the Christians will be targeted, victimized and oppressed. Therefore, as a church, we have to be empowered for the new season of war that satan has prepared. However, the Christians, who flee away from the subject of 'honor', will have a very hard time.

You see my friend, when people lack 'biblical honor', their lives produce a 'bad smell' so strong to the point where other people around them can notice that things are wrong. No matter how hard a Christian can try to hide his/her situation, the absence of honor will exult a bad smell.

In this season of warfare, I thought it would be good that we all arm ourselves with Honor. If we do so, it will be difficult for satan and his agents to topple us.

I have a message to all my fellow ministers: 'sometimes, there are people who constantly call you for advice and help. You have to help them by showing them the steps or instructions as included in the Scriptures. If the same people keep coming to you with the same problems, over and over again, then it means that they do not practice the scriptural instructions. If somebody constantly refuses to practice scriptural instructions, then it may be best to leave them and not attend to their issues so that you may focus on other people.

Over the years, I have learned that many Christians don't want to practice the scripture because they want to apply their own solutions or because they are too attached to their sins or belongings.

There are still Christians who believe that our role goes beyond living as an example and teaching the way. Those Christians (whom I call 'babies') assume that we have to do everything and practice all instructions of God on their behalf in their own circumstances.

In 2020, I have written an entire series on the subject of 'Honor'. If you practice everything I have taught, I guarantee you that you will come out of most of your problems. But you will need to play your part.

To all those who prefer to remain like 'Christian babies', this is my warning: 'You can't come into Christianity for years and remain the same guy or the same woman after reading and listening to tons of Biblical messages. However, if you want to remain 'babies', then you are setting yourself up for troubles because we have entered a new season where satan will tighten the lid on the church. If you want to remain a spiritual baby, satan may swallow you.'

For all those who want to know more about my teaching series on 'honor', please visit my website (you will find the link at the bottom of this email). Once you reach my website, on the search bar, type the term 'honor' and you will find my series.

Why do I preach on the subject of Biblical honor?

There are many reasons as to why I preach on this subject. But in this dangerous season, I preach on this subject because 'Biblical honor' empowers those who practice it. In order to be successful, satan wants to attack a church that is dishonoring and disempowered in the same time.

This is what you have to know concerning Biblical honor:

1. God honors those who honor Him (ref. 1 Samuel 2:30).

2. God defines how we are supposed to honor Him. We do not get to define how to honor Him. He does. In Proverbs 3:9, God requests to be honored with the first fruits of our increase. In Proverbs 3:9-10, the Bible states the following:

'Honor the Lord with your wealth,

with the first fruits of all your crops;

then your barns will be filled to overflowing,

and your vats will brim over with new wine'

3. The fifth commandment of the Torah states: Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

Long life and good health are correlated to the honor given to our parents.

4. The Apostle Peter wrote in his epistle :'In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God's gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered." (1 Peter 3:7).

As you see from the above four passages, we can learn that whoever Honors God, their parents and their wives, that person will be empowered.

The rewards of Honor should be seen as a form of empowerment that can change life.

You see my friend, in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, the Bible recounts the story of a man named Jabez. The man is well known for having a short prayer being answered. Many writers and theologians wrote books and commentaries about Jabez. But there is one thing we have to know: 'The Bible states in 1 Chronicles 4:9 that Jabez was more honorable than his brethren.'

The term 'honorable' means 'bringing or deserving honor'. It is clear that Jabez had a culture of honor in his life first, then he made the famous prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:10.

Imagine yourself being so honorable to the point where God answers all your prayers. As a matter of facts, an honorable person will also utter honorable prayers.


God requires to be honored with your possessions. Not only He wants to empower you, but He also wants a heart free from attachment to material things. A heart that has faith to live without the things it gives away.

It is important to note that, though Jesus was and is a merciful person, there are two types of people towards who He does not show any mercy:

* Those who cause little children to stumble in sin (ref. Matthew 18:6)

*And those who revile their parents ( ref. Matthew 15:4).Furthermore, notice that the honor given towards our parents, as Jesus puts it in Matthew 15:1-6, includes an element of giving towards our parents.

It is important to note that in spiritual warfare, when demons and witches want to shorten the life of a targeted person, they first want to find out if the targeted person honors their parents. If they find out that the target does not honor their parents, they use that 'cause' as a cursing and argumentative foundation to send a death spell on their targets.

Do not play with the fifth commandment!

I mentioned in an earlier email that the month of October is a key month that satanists and witches use to plan their demonic projects. It's in October that they draft their 'human sacrifice lists' and in most cases , those who make the list are those who don't honor their parents....

Here is another revelation to all the men out there: ' as much as the Apostle Peter tells the wives to be submitted to their husbands (ref.1 Peter 3), he also tells husbands to honor their wives so that none of their prayers will be hindered.

Here is a nugget to many single guys: 'the reason why satan works hard at stopping you from getting married, is because he knows you will honor your wife and as a result you will be empowered. This explains why satan envelops many guys with a spirit of sexual insatiability. That demonic spirit only wants you to have sex and run to the next woman without seeking any serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

satan knows that when you will honor your wife, your prayers will not be hindered and you will be dangerous against him. That's why he envelops some guys with a spirit that wants to sleep around and remain single. Many single guys are supposed to be '9s out of 10' but they live like '1s out of 10' because of that demonic spirit.

Furthermore, satan messes with the mind of many married men so that their prayers can be hindered. satan understands that God has placed a 'switch of rewards' in a wife. That 'switch of rewards' gets operational when she is honored and loved by her husband. \


There are other pockets of rewards included in the Bible for honor given. Those pockets can be found in the following Scriptures:

'Whoever welcomes a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever welcomes a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.' (Matthew 10:41)

''The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.'' (1 Timothy 4:17)

As mentioned in the above verses, we can honor a prophet, a righteous person or even a hard working elder who dedicates himself/herself to preaching and teaching.

I hear a lot of people complaining and saying that they have honored prophets, elders, righteous people and teachers in the past but they have never received any form of reward. In such cases, it is possible that they have honored false prophets, false teachers, and hypocrites. God's word is infallible: 'If you honor a prophet, a teacher, a righteous person, you will get a reward'.


As mentioned earlier and based on my personal experience, I have learned that a lifestyle of Biblical Honor can, not only bring prosperity, but it can also eliminate many challenges and problems we face on a daily basis. The second and most important reason why I intended to share this message was because of perilous times we are now entering. We are now gearing towards a historical phase where 'economic pressure' will be used as a tool of persecution against the church and Christians.

What do I mean ?

If you have the ability to read the times with spiritual eyes, you will notice that we are currently living in a system preceding the Antichrist. During the rule of the Antichrist, the economic and the world system will be set up in a way that only those who have the mark of the beast will be able to enjoy economic benefits. The others will have to fend for themselves. We have not yet arrived in the era of the Antichrist. However, the current system is gearing towards preparing the arrival of the Antichrist.

It is clear and official that the Church has entered a phase of global warfare. You need to understand this: 'every war has a vantage point of strategy. The final satanic war against the church will rely mostly on 'economic activities'. Those who will not be part of the satanic system will be pressured through economic embargoes where they will not be permitted to buy or sell or enjoy any core societal activities (ref. Revelations 13).

The events predicted in Revelations 13 have not yet started because that the Beast has not yet arrived. However, the system that will accommodate the Beast is already in place and under trial. Everything that we are witnessing now is just a trial to test the efficacy of what will happen in Revelation 13 (May those who think in the spirit understand what I just wrote).

We can see the current events unfolding into two phases: 'the pre-Revelation 13 (the test phase) and the ‘Revelation 13 phase'.

The 'pre Revelation 13' is the current phase we are experiencing. It is a phase where satan is testing the efficacy of his plans for the earth. Let me be clear about something:

'I am not against the covid vaccine and I don't believe that the covid vaccine is the mark of the Beast. As a matter of fact, I do appreciate all the vaccines that men have invented since the beginning of history. And if you have lost a loved one to the coronavirus, please receive my deepest condolences. I am not against the vaccine but I am against the manner in which it is being rolled out.

You see my friend, we had vaccines for decades on this earth, but this covid vaccine is the only vaccine that is being rolled out in a way that resembles the economic system described in Revelation 13. We had so many vaccines in history, yet this is the only one that comes with 'incentivised economic pressure' from governmental authorities like in Revelation 13.

Let me be clear: 'the covid vaccine is not the mark of the Beast. According to Revelation 13, the mark of the Beast will come after the arrival of the Beast. Therefore, there has to be a Beast before the mark .Therefore the covid vaccine is not the mark of the Beast.

However, my only concern is about the sophisticated system and 'incentivised economic pressures' built around the vaccine roll out. Furthermore, based on observed realities, we are far from over because there are vaccinated people who are still catching Covid-19, the same vaccine does not fully protect against the variants and scientists still don't know how long the vaccine immunity last in the body.Therefore, it means that the system built around the vaccine will still grow in force.

Let us be fair, the covid vaccine has helped in reducing severe illnesses and deaths around the world. If you want to get vaccinated, then do so. I REPEAT: The covid vaccine is not the mark of beast. However, the new economic and social system built around it, is on the model of the economic system of Revelation 13.

I have a lot of warfare experience against satan and through those experiences, I have learned this: ' during a warfare season, satan likes to use tools of distraction that lead many not to see his real intents. It is a strategy he uses to advance rapidly in his plans.'

In this season of warfare, the covid vaccine is not the issue. The main issue is the system built around the vaccine.You see my friend, spiritual babies focus on distractions but the spiritual adults focus on the main picture. The ultimate goal of the economic system in Revelation 13, is to turn satan into god through global worship.

satan always wanted to have the place of God. Since we are far from over with the pandemic,the current system will slowly evolve towards imposing conditions that facilitate the intronization of a special person as the ultimate god. And very soon, Christians will be blamed for not conforming with the system. The time is coming soon.

So what should be our response?

Based on Biblical prophecies, persecutions against the Church will reach its pandemonium at a certain stage. However, it does not mean that we have to sit and do nothing. This is why I call on all of you to raise your focus on two words: 'elevation and ownership'

You see my friend, a life of Biblical honor can bless you to the point of being elevated and/or to the point of becoming an owner.

God honors those who honor Him. A man or a woman, who practices Biblical honor, stands a chance of entering into elevated places. By 'elevated places', I refer to societal positions of authority that can bear influence on many. Imagine if we had more Christians filling the roles of Judges, journalists, presidents, senators, ministers, VPs, CEOs, Chief cops, etc...If we could get many Christians in elevated places, then we can mitigate the effect of the system since those elevated Christians could stop nonsensical regulations.

The second keyword is 'ownership' which refers to the ability to own. A lifestyle of honor opens room for blessings that can empower the honorable to extend territory and become an owner. I encourage Christians to adopt entrepreneurship and own their companies. That way, it will be difficult for a system to brutally initiate persecutions and pressures.

This is one way of seeing the rewards of honor, not solely as a principle of prosperity but also as a weapon of empowerment in warfare.

Embrace honor.