Finding a love life partner in these crazy times

We have reached a stage in history that will define the final hours of our world. As you have surely seen, we have been witnessing tons of protests across the world against a system that will act as a mandatory force.

The things we see today are only the shadow of things to come. In Revelation 13, the Apostle John predicts a time where a global ruler would cause people to carry his mark (the 666) as precondition to participate in the economic and social life of our world.

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What we see today is only a 'test-drive' of satan for things to come. He is actually implementing a system now so that by the time the Antichrist comes, everything will be ready.


In the book of Matthew 24, Jesus mentions that during the times of the end, many will turn away from the faith and betray each other (ref. Matthew 24:10).

Betrayal occurs between those who had a bond. If Jesus took care of mentioning the upcoming betrayal in relationships, it also means that we have to pay special attention to the people we choose to relate to during these special times.

In this post, I will not address all the relationships but I will particularly focus on single people who are still looking for their significant others. If you are already married, then please share this message to single people around you.

Look, there is nothing wrong in seeking a love partner. However, in these special times, if you are seeking one, you will need to ensure that your chosen partner is a person strongly anchored in Christ. This is no longer the 90's or the 'notties'...we are now in times where single people have to consider ' a solid faith in Christ' as one of the primary criteria to engage in a relationship.

I say this because the wheel is about to turn into the next phase which will be highly levelled in terms of spiritual warfare and which will be characterized by an increase in satanic wickedness.

Therefore, in such an environment, if you are still single, you cannot afford to enter into a relationship with a person who has no anchor in Christ or with a person who will be ready to take the mark of the beast in exchange for a little comfort.

There are certain people (whether Christian or non-believers) who still have their heads and priorities on ‘ things of below’. Their minds are not on the things from above. Please read me well:

'' I am not against earthly activities and earthly acquisitions (house, cars, clothes, entertainment, etc...). Though those things are good and useful, they should not be top priorities placed above God, His will and our faith in Him.''

Of course, I understand that each person has criteria when choosing a life partner and my message is not a call to ignore some of your basic criteria. But I am advising you not to place earthly criteria above spiritual criteria.

When satan's war will intensify, eventually against the church, he will use his system to deprive humans from accessing earthly things. And the people ,for whom the 'earthly things' are too important, will eventually go to great lengths to access those things, even if it means 'betraying' their partners (ref. Matthew 24:10).

There are people who are willing to forsake the will and purpose of God in their lives for the sake of finding material comfort. From such people, stay away if you are single and looking. You may talk with them, you may acquaint them, but I don’t advise you date them.

Should you decide to date or marry such people, in these current times, you may place yourself at great risk.

Over the years, I have seen how many young promising Christians (with amazing prophecies upon them) derailed from their destinies simply because they either married or got seriously entangled with someone against God's will.

A life partner, who is not anchored in Christ and whose head is fully on the things below, has the potential to derail your God given destiny negatively.

Here is a good question:

'How can someone become a person invested in the things from above?'

Here is my response:

1. Do God's will (don't just seek It). The more you will do His will, the less time and attention you will have for things that matter to satan. 'Doing God's will' is about applying His will in all areas of your life. The will of God is not exclusive to church activities and it also involves your career, your location,the choice of your relationships among other things.

2. Be generous. Generosity makes a better man or a better woman. Generosity exercises your heart to detach itself from material things.

There are so many promises of abundance for generous people. Such promises teach us that we can still live our lives without the things we are attached to. It is very difficult for satan to use material things as a point of pressure against generous people because a generous person can let things go and still live his/her life.

One of the most dangerous things (especially in our times) is to find a partner who lacks generosity.

3. Fast, pray and meditate the Bible: 'by meditating on the Bible, you will fill your mind with the scriptures. Fasting has many benefits for the body (in terms of diets and weight loss) but it also disciplines the body towards food. A Christian who fast will be less likely to throw his/her destiny away for a meal like Esau, Adam and Eve did.

Choose your life partner wisely.