The Babylonian Market: Warning for 2022

The year 2019 ended with a global bloodbath in the name of COVID-19 and to this date, the world has lost 4,5 millions human beings to death through the corona pandemic.

Jesus predicted in Luke 21:11 that there will be pestilences in various places.

Those events will catapult us towards chaos. Let us not be unaware of satan's scheme. Before launching anything major, satan needs blood sacrifice from his acolytes.

The period at which the pandemic occurred is not a hazard. If you check closely, the pandemic started towards the end of the year 2019 around 'November-December'. satan needed the pandemic to start at the end of 2019 because:

1. He needed a lot of blood sacrifice to enter or usher the decade. The blood sacrifice was made of people who died without knowing Christ. The blood sacrifice was the price paid by the human satanists who had planned major events for this earth. You see my friend, if a satanist wants to get to another level of achievement or power, he needs to make a sacrifice. The recent event global events were the major sacrifice that the satanic league made to speed up their plan.

2. He needed to get rid of targeted Christians who could disturb his plans for the decade. Though we have lost many who have died before their time, we have the assurance that they have died in Christ.

You have to be careful, because in the satanic calendar, one of the key month is the month of October.

The month of October is the month where they draft the list of sacrifices they will make in order to have a demonically successful new year. Once a person is inserted in the list, that person has more or less 3 months to live. The farthest they may live is the 15 of January of the following year.

This explains why there is often a sudden surge in unexpected deaths around December (accidents, sudden death,ect....).

And this coming month of October is going to be particular because of the numerical significance of the year 2022 which sums up a number 6 (2+2+2). In the satanic world, the number 6 is a key number. Therefore, between October 1st 2021 and January 15-2022, we are going to see very unexpected things....For those who are still skeptic, let me say this:

'There is a clear reason why Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. In the demonic realm, The 31st of October is the date they celebrate the closing end of their demonic plans for families, countries and the world...and it's in October.

This explains why most pastors around the world like to organise fasting and prayer time for their church between October and December. They do not act by chance, they know what they are doing....

Look my friend, let me state two things about death:

1.It is fine to die if it is the right time. However, dying before your time is NOT ok. There are several instances where Jesus avoided events that could lead to His death because His time had not come. It is only when His time had arrived that He died at the cross.

You must finish your race before dying.

2. When a person dies without knowing Christ, his/her soul or spirit can easily be sold on the satanic market. One day, I will explain the concept of the satanic market.

I know some of you may not believe me concerning the sale of unbelieving souls but let me just explain with a few passages from the book of Revelation 18.

Babylon, the Kings and the Merchants of soul

In Revelations 18, the Bible describes a character named Babylon. The character is representative of both a territory and of a spirit with an attributed female gender. The same chapter states that Kings and Merchants slept with her to live deliciously and to become excessively rich.

Babylon is a prostitute in the demonic realm. She sees herself as a queen and she gives political power to certain leaders and excessive wealth to certain merchants in exchange of sex.

The Kings represent the politicians who slept with her in the spiritual realms in exchange of power while the Merchants are the ones who sleep with her in exchange of excessive wealth. Babylon is not like a regular spiritual spouse, on the contrary, she is a higher demonic spirit with the ability to empower and enrich.

Let me clarify one thing: not all politicians and not all wealthy business or famous people sleep with Babylon. There are many great politicians and famous people who have made it with the help of God or through their own efforts. However, there are a good amount of people who have made it solely by sleeping with Babylon as part of their pact.

I am not going to dwell on the Kings but I will quickly discuss Merchants and their merchandise.

In the book of Revelation 18: 11-13 (KJV),it is written:

‘’And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble. And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.’’

Notice that Revelation 18:11-13 describes the merchandise available to merchants. Babylon is not only a personified character but also a territory in the spiritual demonic world. Babylon is a trading territory or a trading market where commodities are being sold. The big question is:'how can Babylon have so many items in her trading territory?'

Well, the truth is, the demonic spirit of Babylon cannot create anything because only God can create. This leads to the reasoning that she stole those things and brought them in her territory and she gives them to whomever sleeps with her in the spiritual world.

Remember that in John 10:10, Jesus said:' the thief only comes to steal,kill and destroy'. Jesus was talking about the operatus modi of demons. Babylon works with the same operatus modi: 'since she cannot create, she has to steal.

Based on her nature, I can only conclude that the bridge she uses to steal those items are: fornication and adultery. The stolen items are things that were reserved to certain people but stolen before they materialized.

This explains why certain people are living with things and even destinies that belong to others. Some people even got their lives, their items stolen to the point where some thief is living their lives…

Merchants of souls and slaves

Notice that in Revelation 18:13, the merchants had slaves and souls among their merchandise.

What does it mean?

It means that certain human souls have been stolen or brought to Babylon and are on sale. The concept may be strange to you but those who are familiar with those practices will confirm it: 'sometimes those who commit sorcery and witchcraft often go to cemeteries to buy souls of people who did not rest in Christ. The person who facilitates the process is called a merchant. Those souls are sold to work for the living. There are dead souls and spirits of the dead who work at helping living musicians, sportsmen, businessmen and many other people...just for their success.

There are also people who are alive but whose souls have been sold in the Babylon market either by themselves or by someone else. The day someone will successfully buy their soul in the Babylon market, they will die in real life, if they are not protected by God.

If you often dream of being on a shelf in a shop, it could mean that your soul is for sale and you need to come out of the shop ....right now!

I won't expand on the 'slaves' but let me say something about the merchants:

There are people who only become wealthy in our real world because of their successful sales in the Babylonian world. Their sales translate into real cash money.

Have you noticed that while the world was crashing down through the pandemic, certain people kept on increasing their wealth? The more people died, the more those merchants were able to sell in the Babylonian market and the more they converted their sales into money in our earthly realm.


Please follow through with these instructions.

The Babylonian system and its agents are not as powerful as our God. I will give a few instructions in this email but I will expand on them in my Zoom meeting this coming Sunday at 6 pm Johannesburg time and in my next email.

1. Times have become very bad. Be in the habit consecrating every month through prayer and fasting. For example, if you are going to consecrate October, then do it in prayer and fasting on the 30th of September. Depending on your schedule and strength, you may want to do it for a period between 1 to 3 days. There are certain giant demonic spirits that only go away with prayer and fasting (ref. Matthew 17:21).

2. You must confess the word of God for your life. You need to know that when witches are cursing and putting people on their death list, they do it with their tongues. You must also use your tongue to bless yourself and paralyze their curse. Do it by confessing the word of God.

3. If you are still not serving God, then I suggest that you start immediately. The promise of Isaiah 54:17 is for the servants of God. It will not have any power if you don't serve God. The servants of God can condemn all tongues that stand in judgement against them.

4. When you pray, ask God to keep all your days and to protect your days and paths away from evil.

Break all satanic covenants known or unknown. Break all satanic commercial covenants known or unknown. Pray for you and your family.

Stay safe in the Lord.