Winning wars by staying in the will of God

'Doing the will of God' is not only about having the heart to do it.

'Doing the will of God' also implies that you will do it with the resources God has entrusted you with.

I will share with you a good secret that will help you:

'Whenever God asks you to do something, He will also give you the capacity and the resources to 

accomplish His will'.

When Jesus sent His disciples throughout the world, He sent them the Holy Spirit.

When God sent Moses to Pharaoh, He also gave him supernatural abilities.

The list of examples supporting my point are shown throughout the Bible.

'If God informs you of His will , then He will also provide you with the resources to do His will.

Here is a key statement:

' When a believer refuses to do God's will, it also means that he/she will be spending God's resources in the wrong places. And it is in the wrong places that many believers ended up meeting satan  face to face...

Let me give you a few examples to illustrate my point:

'One day, God tells Peter to go to university in order to study engineering. Studying engineering also implies that Peter will have to spend at least 3 days a week at university, from 9 am to 2 pm. In the process of informing Peter, God also provides Peter with funds to study.

However, Peter refuses to obey and instead decides to spend the money provided to start a taxi business. One day, Peter gets shot by a rival in his industry and ends up paralyzed.'

How many of you understand what happened to Peter?

Here is another example:

'God tells Johnny to relocate with his family from Washington to New York. Instead, Johnny decides to relocate to Los Angeles. A few months later, Johnny 's daughter ends up dating a young man who manages to derail her into criminal behavior.'

How many of  understand that Johnny's daughter would have never met her Los Angeles boyfriend if her father had obeyed ?


You see my friend, even if we obey God, we may still get opposing encounters against the devil. However, there are many disturbing battles we can avoid by simply obeying God and by directing His provided resources to the right place.

Every time we disobey God, we open a door that leads to a path where we may end up meeting the wrong people and doing the wrong things. Many of the trials that people endure are simply entering through disobedience. When we open a door to the devil, we do not get to decide which demons come in. When we open a door to the dark world, the demons can decide to enter with anything they like.

Rather be wise and obey God.

Many are too close to the devil because they constantly disobey God.

Let us be wise.