Spiritual warfare 4: How to seek help from others in warfare times

I was initially supposed to discuss the armor of God, but I had a few questions from readers on 'how to seek help' during spiritual warfare.

The questions I received can be summarized as followed:

1. How do you seek help in spiritual warfare?

2. What if the person we seek help from, does not have any form of discernment or is ignorant on spiritual warfare matters?


These are actually very good questions. In response to those questions, I will share teaching knowledge and I will also share my personal experience.

First of all, in order to find help, you need to be humble enough to recognize the need for others. A proud person will have a hard time admitting personal struggles. I have seen famous servants of God hiding their personal struggles for fear of people's opinions.

The Bible says that God resists the proud but He gives grace to the Humble (ref. James 4:6). If you are attacked by devils, witches and warlocks, then you need some form of special favor which will most likely come through humility.

You must also remember that God acts through people. Though an oppressed person can find spiritual solutions on his/her own, it does also help to ask assistance from fellow Christians.

So how do you ask for help?

Answer: 'it's simple. Shout for help.'

To answer the second question, I think that, ourselves, as Churchgoers, we should assess and know who has the capacities to understand spiritual warfare. The best way to assess a fellow Christian is through fellowship.

However, I pity those churchgoers who run away on Sunday after the end of the service without even talking to anyone. They isolate themselves from any form of fellowship...For those, on warfare day, it will be thunderous and disastrous. O! Disastrous! it will be!

You cannot ask spiritual help from anybody or from any 'Jack-and-Joe' hanging in the church because we all have different spiritual levels.

In warfare time, you must seek help from those who are manifesting the evident strength and power of God. In my opinion, the person who will help you, should be a strong Christian in the Lord and should show some form of evidence of God's might.

If you cannot get a revelation of those people, then at least assess them through fellowship or encounters. Fellowshipping in the Church will help you to know fake christians, the comedians, the mild ones and...the strong ones.

When you are in spiritual warfare , ALWAYS seek help from the strong ones (that's not negotiable, because your life may depend on it).

And even if you can't find strong soldiers within your church community, I advise you to seek them in another church. Spiritual warfare can determine the longevity of your life, therefore, I advise that you adopt a serious attitude when seeking help.



1. I was very particular in my choice of assistance. As discussed in my previous message, I sought help from my cousin sister because I knew her spiritual life and background. SHe had planted ministries in the past, she is a preacher and she is connected to a strong intercessor. Believe me, there were many Christians around me, but I chose her for assistance and it paid off.

2. I used to play YouTube videos of two selected exorcists: Brother Carlos Oliveira and the late prophet TB Joshua. I played some of their deliverance videos which really assisted me during moments of personal prayers. Through those videos, I could see demons leaving my presence.

I know that many people are saying controversial things about the late TB Joshua, but for me, he was a prophet of God.

Notice that I did not pick any random guy on Youtube...Again, I chose the strong ones.

3. I sought help from a local prophetess, I knew years ago. I chose her because I knew she has a gift in seeing hidden things in the spiritual. Note that satan and his 'dogs operate well in secret. Therefore, when you are fighting them, you need to see what they in the secret.

4. I sought help from my pastor and his wife. By the way, everybody must have a pastor. Even if you are in the ministry, you need to have someone watching over you...On the day, I set up an appointment to meet my pastor, that satanic high priest( the one who tried to kill me) appeared in my dream at night to negotiate a 'peace-treaty'. he knew that his oppressing attacks were coming to an end. I refused his peace and I took him onto war until he was no more (but this is a story for another day)...

5. And finally, while satan and his dogs were trying to block God from speaking in dreams to me, God sneaked a dream in a 'deja-vu' mode in my mind while I was bathing. In the dream, God ordered me to seek help from another estranged cousin of mine whom I had not spoken to for years. It turned out that my cousin is a strong servant of God who spends days in 'mountains of prayer'. It's him (my cousin) who not only prayed for and with me, but who also taught me certain truths on spiritual warfare and on how the spirit world operates.

You see my friend:

You need to be humble

You need to assess your companions of war through fellowship

And you need to be teachable.



When you engage with a fellow strong Christian, you MUST tell him/her everything and every detail of your spiritual warfare. By revealing details, you will also be exposing the devil at the same time. Furthermore, by revealing all details of your warfare, you will also reveal the doors the enemy may have used to get in. Do not hide anything, do not seek the need to protect anybody from anything. By revealing everything, you make it easy for your helpers to assist you.

For example, in my case, I remember telling with details how I met one of my enemies in my dreams where she was organizing a party where there were scones and tea with milk. In the dream, I remembered eating a piece of a scone. When I shared the dream with the local prophetess, she explained to me that my enemy had planted a spiritual tracking device in me through the scone. We had to cancel and remove the device through prayer...

But I would not have known that information if I had withheld the details of my dream.

Share all the details, even the most embarrassing ones.

You can come out of this. And when you do, remember to strengthen your brothers and sisters.