Spiritual warfare 3: You are part of an Army

The simple fact that Paul mentioned the armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-18, also implies the idea of an army.

As a Christian, you are not just a lone soldier, but you are also a part within an army. One of the reasons why many people fall victim to the attacks of Satan, is simply because they prefer to fight all their battles alone.

An isolated Christian is easier to kill than one who remains attached to a body structure. As a soldier, you are part of an army where there are colonels, generals, lieutenants, and all sorts of soldiers. If something should happen to you, then you should never be shy to ask for back up.

A while ago, I felt under a severe attack from a satanic highly ranked priest within the Zululand region of South Africa. In his sorcery he managed to make use of high level deceit to oppress me and I could not even perceive the 'spiritual door' he used to launch his attacks. I usually receive dreams from God, but somehow, in his trickery and schemes, that satanic priest managed to block my dreams in order to weaken my defensive systems.

You see my friend, it is possible to be so engulfed in an attack to the point where you barely see the source of your oppression. But someone who is out of your circle of oppression can see how the enemy stepped in.

Though I was praying and fighting spiritually, the sorcerer would not stop his attacks. Then one day, I called my cousin's sister and I asked her to pray and find out if she could see something that I could not see. She heard my concern and she went on to pray with a few other brothers.

Three days later, she called me back to explain everything and this is what they saw:

'The high satanic priest tried to get me killed for weeks in my sleep but failed because when he found me as target, he also found the strong light of God in me. Seeing that my strength in God was too deep, he tried another scheme. He went on to touch one of my clothes I had left hanging on the line and he spread satanic powder on it.' ( the satanic priest managed to touch my towel because we were living in the same building until I moved out)

Once my sister finished her call, I knew the door my enemy was using to attempt on my life. But there was one problem, I did not know exactly which clothes he had touched...As I went to sleep that night, somehow, after a long time, I received a dream from God showing me the exact cloth that the satanic priest had touched. It was my bath towel....

I threw the bath towel away. I know that some of you would prefer to pray over it and sanctify it.If it is your case, I respect it. But I just decided to throw the towel away and that was my choice. The act of throwing away my towel was a stepping stone contributing toward my freedom from satanic oppression.

However, this would not have happened if I did not seek help from my cousin sister.

Please note that my fight against the satanic high priest is actually a much bigger story...but here are a few key lessons:

1. You will not always be able to fight everything on your own. Even if you are one of the most gifted people in the Kingdom.

2. You will need the humility to seek help. Many Chirsitans (especially the proud ones) have died fighting secret battles while displaying a fake happy face in front of people.

3. There are certain satanic enemies who have deepened their knowledge in the things of satan. Should you encounter them in a fight mode, you may need additional support from fellow Christians.

4. A spiritual battle can be shortened simply by seeking spiritual support from other fellow Christians.

You don't have to fight alone. You are part of an army.