Why prosperity should be elementary

In Revelation 21, the Apostle John sees the New Jerusalem coming from God out of Heaven. In his description of the city, John tells us something that is quite astonishing in Revelation 21:21: 'The streets of the city were made of pure gold, clear as crystal'.

Based on the description from John, it also means that we will walk on those streets...we will literally put our feet on gold...

While we will step on gold in the New Jerusalem, we currently store gold on Earth within bunkers and very secured places.

What is one of the messages we can learn from Revelation 21:21?

This is the lesson: 'in the Kingdom of God, prosperity is and should be elementary'.

Whether people are poor or rich, prosperity should be an elementary thing to master. Teachings related to prosperity and Biblical wealth should be taught in an elementary manner without complications and tricks.

I say this because in the New Jerusalem, we (those who will be there) will step and trample on pure gold.

I acknowledge that life is not always easy and rosy, but let us be clear: ' every Christian should master prosperity as an elementary thing.

You may feel aversion towards Biblical messages related to wealth and stewardship but there is one truth none can contradict: ' poverty is a speedy avenue that the devil uses to drive his plans in the lives of humans. You see my friend, the devil can attack both rich and poor people, but it is easier for the devil to crash the poor people with discouragement, temptations, envy, sickness, debt, slavery, prostitution, criminal activities....

I know that many people are using teachings of prosperity for abusive purposes...But you cannot in all good sense tell me that people living in shacks, bidonville or slums, are experiencing a romantic experience.

I receive a lot of prayer requests from people seeking financial breakthrough. I am not complaining. On the contrary, I encourage you to make your requests. But I am certain that people living in subject poverty, are also subject to several other ills.

You see my friend, the passage of Matthew 12:43-45 indicates that demons do not always work on their own. They work in packs. When a demon of poverty enters the lives of a person, it will likely bring other demons along. This is why houses that are subject to deep poverty, are also crippled with other challenges such as extra marital affairs, divorce, prostitution, criminal activities, sickness, stress, high blood pressure , worry, suicide and many others.

I am not joking: 'if you master prosperity as an elementary thing, you will get rid of many problems in your life'. I am not joking on this.

Many are bound to so many forms hardships in their relationships, at work, in their personal emotions because they either ignore or refuse to apply the basic principles Biblical prosperity.

Now, take note of this: 'Biblical or Kingdom prosperity is not the same as the prosperity of the world'. In the world's terms, prosperity limits itself to having a lot of money that does nothing while ignoring other areas of life. This is why the world would consider a dollar millionaire or billionaire as prosperous even if he is not saved...no, that's not prosperity.

In Luke 12: 13-21, Jesus tells the parable of the rich fool and He reminded us that 'life does not consist in an abundance of possessions'. He never said that being abundant is a bad thing. The problem comes when we make it our sole goal to store up material things without being rich towards God (reference Luke 12:21). Many of you were rich, you were established with steady jobs and businesses but you became poor when you forgot to become rich towards God.

Many people only focus on storing towards themselves. You need to make the higher move: 'store in Heaven where no thieves can steal from you'. Be rich towards God.
Even if you have close to nothing or earning a little, be rich towards God and you will see multiplication on Earth and in the life to come.

You cannot afford to reach your golden years ( 65 years and older) and realize that all you did was to pay a mortgage and monthly bills... Besides your personal needs, your wealth should also finance the will of God on Earth, help the poor and the weak, and support the work of the Kingdom.

Even if you earn too little, you can still start at the level where you are.

Have a life bigger than yourself. A life in which you will be able to say: 'during my lifetime, I have helped people, and I have financed the will of God on Earth.'

Be rich towards God.