Targets of satan: The Holy covenant, the gathering of the Saints, and our sacrifices

In Daniel 11:29-35, a strong prophecy describes the invasion of a wicked king against the Holy covenant and against the people of God. To actually understand the story in a better way, I suggest that you read the entire chapter of Daniel 11.

Many eschatologists use the passage of Daniel 11:29-35 to describe end times events related to the ‘Beast’ or the ‘Abomination of Desolation’ also referred as the ultimate ‘Anti-Christ’.

In this text, I will not delve into eschatology or End times prophecy, but I want to focus on a warfare strategy that satan uses to plunder and destroy the people of God.

In Daniel 11:29-35, a wicked king vents his fury against the Holy Covenant.

The prophecy further details that the wicked king will decide to favor those who forsake the Holy Covenant , his army will desecrate the Temple fortress and he will abolish the daily sacrifice.

Once the wicked king manages to abolish the daily sacrifice, he will kill those who remain faithful to God.


I would like you to look at the sequence at which the wicked king advances before attacking the people of God: ‘before killing God’s people, the wicked king attacks the Holy covenant’.

The Holy Covenant refers to the Covenant or Alliance that God has with His people.

A covenant is an agreement that seals and drives a relationship between multiple parties. In this case, the Holy Covenant is a reference to the agreement between God and His people. Examples of such Covenants would include the promise of God to Abraham (ref. Gen. 12:1-4) or the promise of God to Samson’s parents (ref. Judges 13:1-7). Biblical Covenants were critical and very important parts in the lives of the different Biblical characters because they sustained their strength and hopes through those covenants.

Now, please have a look at what the wicked king does before attacking the people of God:

First , we have to understand that he has a military mind. Therefore, his moves are dictated on military tactics. Army generals all know that wars are first planned and the beginning of a war strategy consists in first weakening the strength of an opponent. This explains why the wicked king attacks the covenant while rewarding those who decide to forsake it.

Secondly, after attacking the covenant, he attacks the temple fortress and abolishes the sacrifice.

Notice that the Temple was a point of gathering for the people of God and there is strength when the people of God are together. Therefore, the wicked king understands it and he decides to disturb the place of gathering. When the people of God are stopped from gathering, it becomes a time where satan goes on a rampage to kill and destroy. Those times weaken many Christians who end up backsliding or losing faith.

And finally, the wicked king abolishes the daily sacrifice...The daily sacrifice was the practice of burning a killed animal on the altar for God. The sacrificed animal was an offering to God. And when such an offering was pleasing, God would reply with favor, and the favor would strengthen the people of God. This is why the wicked king wanted to abolish the daily sacrifice. That way, he could weaken the people of God.

Right after doing the above mentioned actions, the wicked king launches a full blown attack on the people of God.

If you have just read the above three points, then you have just read the strategy satan and his emissaries (witches, warlocks, wicked people) use to attack God’s people:

They study you, your strength and characteristics of your covenant. Please note that although we are Christians in the Body of Christ, God deals with each one of us in a different manner. For some, God manifests through prophecies, dreams, or various powerful signs. Before attacking you, satan and his emissaries want to know the level of your strength and what feeds that strength.

For example, I know certain Christians who do extraordinary things because God directs them through dreams daily. In such case, if satan and his emissaries want to target those dreamers, they will try to block those dreams or they will try to send confusing dreams just to weaken the dreamer. There are so many other examples describing satan ‘strategy but I will stop with the one I have mentioned.

Then after studying the uniqueness and strength of a target’s covenant with God, satan and his emissaries will work at isolating their target. They will either stop the person from going to Church and being part of his God-given family or they will divert their target to the wrong church and to the wrong relationships. Please note that being in the wrong church and in the wrong relationship equate to total isolation.

I have seen people who were diverted by satan to enter wrong relationships, wrong business relationships, wrong marriages...those diverting choices destroyed their life missions till today.

Notice as well that the current pandemic has made it harder for Christians to gather and as a result we have lost many fellows to death in an untimely manner. Notice as well that though businesses, shopping malls, restaurants...were allowed to function at full capacity, churches in most countries had to endure a hard lockdown….This had given an advanced foothold to witchcraft and occult powers over the earth...

Lastly, the enemy wants His people to stop sacrificing to God. As I mentioned earlier, the sacrifices were made of killed animals given by the people and by the priests as offerings to God at the altar. Once God would receive favorably those offerings, He would shower His blessings, His favor, and His promises. Those blessings ,favors and promises would strengthen the givers and it would make it very difficult for satan to plunder them (the givers). Therefore, in order to weaken the Christian giver, satan will attempt to stop them from giving or he will convince them to give to the wrong places.

satan can use arguments, violence, laws or circumstances to stop someone from making gifts to God.
Once a person stops sacrificing, they open themselves up for danger and full blown attacks from satan. You see my friend, the abundance ,brought through our sacrifices, builds layers of protection. The lack of favor creates an avenue for satan to torment people who don’t like to make sacrifices to God. The reason why satan wants to stop you from making sacrifices to God, is not because he cares about your properties, it is simply because he wants a foothold in your life.

My friend, be careful, keep your covenant with God, keep meeting with the Saints (the church) ,follow God’s guidance for your relationships, and keep making sacrifices (gifts) to God.

Times have become evil. We cannot take chances anymore.