Idols will always lead to a place of sorrows and grief

In my previous message, I attempted to explain the definition of an idol.
Today, I will discuss briefly on the direction that an idol can impose on an individual.

You see my friends, idols are competing with God for your heart and dedication. And the greatest competitor of God for your heart and dedication is money and materials possessions (ref. Matthew 6:24).

In the same way that God leads us when we submit to Him, an idol will also lead us into a certain direction when we surrender to it. In the same that our love towards God will generate beautiful things, the love we manifest towards an idol will also generate bad things. For example, Paul writes in 1 Timothy 6:10:

'For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.'

As you can read from the above passage, people ,in love with money, wandered out towards a place full of grief. Those people took money as an idol.
I want to clarify one thing: 'money is not evil. It is the love of money that is a root of all kinds all evil'. Therefore, you can have and make money, but don't fall in love with it and don't elevate money above God.

In the same way that 'idolizing money' can lead astray, any other idol in your life can have the same power.

As I mentioned in my previous message, an idol is an item or a person that we value above God and His will.

If a lady decides to marry her boyfriend even against God's will, then that boyfriend/husband becomes an idol in her life. Sooner or later, that idol (the husband) will take her in directions that God never planned for her. And this is how many young fellas lost their faith and fire for God.

There are so many idols such as pornography, TV programs, gift items... Once we elevate a thing or a person to the idol status, that idol will direct us towards sorrows and destruction. How many people have been destroyed because they elevated money, pornography, gambling, alcohol, a specific tradition, promiscuity, a boyfriend, a a status higher than God and His will?

Don't fooled: 'all idols end up commanding and directing the one who worships them.'

This is why the safest thing would be to follow God's command:

'You shall have no other gods before Me' (Exodus 20:3)