How to know if you have an idol in your life?

Here are popular questions among Christian circles:
'What is an idol?'

'How do I know if I have an idol in my life?'

The question is simple but it also has difficult answers because most of us have reduced the term 'idol' to a simple object or statue we bow down to...

While in truth, an idol can have many forms besides the form of a statue.

The subject is so important that God discusses it in the very first commandment where he says: ' You shall have no other gods before Me'' (Exodus 20:3)

The reason why many Christians struggle with this issue, is because they still think that idols are only made as statues. An idol can have many forms, it could be a relationship, money, a job, a property, a way of thinking, a culture, a tradition, a specific sin....

So how to know when you have an idol?

Here is the response:

'Anything or anyone that has greater value than God and His will in your life, is an idol.'

I know that it may still seem very complicated to understand but I would like to refer to the story of the young ruler. When he met Jesus, he wanted eternal life and after an exchange with the Master, he finds himself in a dilemma through a request from Jesus: 'give everything you have to the poor and follow Me' (ref. Mark 10:17-27).
The request from Jesus, represented the will of God in the young ruler's life. BUT the young ruler did not want any part of this because his riches mattered more than obeying Jesus. In such case, his riches were clearly exposed as the idol.

So how do you identify an idol in the open?

'Take some time alone and think about the various occasions where you have refused to do God's will.' Every time you have refused to do God's will, there was a reason you deemed more valuable than His will.' Those specific reasons are the idols.

Once you have identified them, deal with them.
Deal with those idols by overriding them with the will of God in your life.

Not only an idol can make you miss your life purpose, but it can also lead you to hell (ref. Mattew 7:21) and to demonic realms. After all, if someone never wants to do God's will, then he/she must be on a demonic path...

Remember: Have only one God. The true God.