God wants you empowered before going on His mission

The story of Abraham starts with an empowerment in Genesis 12:1-4 where God empowers him with a supernatural promise. Before being sent to his people, Moses was empowered by God with signs and instructions (Exodus 4). Before being led into the wilderness to be tempted by satan, Jesus was full of the Spirit (Luke 4:1). When Jesus sent His disciples throughout the Earth, He gave them power and authority over demons, serpents, poisonous things and diseases.

What do all the above mentioned events have in common?

Answer: ‘All the main characters were empowered by God before being sent’.

God always ensures to empower His envoys before sending them on a mission.

As a child of God, you will always need His power to accomplish the mission He has designed for you. The power can be expressed in many ways such as Wisdom, Understanding, gift of Healing, prosperity, prophecy, etc….

Regardless of the world circumstances, we will always need to be empowered if we desire to accomplish His will.

Look at the world’s problems found in injustice, hunger, wars, crime, unemployment, pandemics, poverty, pain and many others… You can solve those problems when you are truly empowered by God.

I thank God because many understand this truth and live in it. The empowerment from above can come in several ways such as: ‘the baptism of the Spirit, a word of Prophecy, speaking in tongues, a revelation, a Bible meditation, to name a few…’

However, I want to speak about ‘being empowered through a Teaching or a Biblical message’.

Many messages that we hear or read, tend to empower us in the mission that God has set for us. We have to pay attention by listening and practicing.

In my years as a new born Christian, I have noticed that many reject that form of empowerment. I am aware that there are many false teachings out there, and I am not referring to them.

I am referring to true Biblical and empowering teachings that are being rejected by many Christians. The danger of being critical of a true Biblical teaching, is that you may deprive yourself from a weapon or a tool you may need in the coming days.

As a good example to illustrate my article, I would like to refer to people who tend to reject many Biblical truths that would empower them. For example, many people can’t stand hearing messages on miraculous healing, prophecy, speaking in tongues, the Apostolic gift, tithing, Grace, deliverance, casting out of demons, prosperity and many others…

They can’t stand those messages while forgetting that those very teachings are the tools that they will need tomorrow or in the near future. As a result of rejecting many true Biblical teachings, many Christians have no impact in this world.

Those people don’t pray for healing when someone is in need because they have rejected the passage Mark 16:18. Those people struggle to materially help people in need because they are not prosperous, and they are not prosperous because they reject the passages of John 10:10, Malachi 3:10-12, Proverbs 3:9, Luke 6:38.

Those Christians fail to have an impact in society (politics, business, and in many other fields) because they reject the fact that they are the Lights of this world and Salt of the Earth (reference Matthew 5:13-16). Some of them believe that Christians should withdraw themselves from everything while in Luke 19:13, the Master in the parable said: ‘Do business till I come’.

I know that there are many phony preachers out there. If what they preach to you, is not in the Scriptures, then you should reject their message.

But do not reject true Biblical teaching that are meant to empower you so that you can:
Do more
Help more people
Prevent more disasters
Feed more hungry people
Spread the Gospel farther
Fight in spiritual warfare against demons....
And do many other things...

Be one of those who embrace true empowerment so that there can be more lights in this world till Jesus comes.