Foundation of God's throne: Justice and Righteousness

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you'.

(Psalm 89:14)

When the Psalmist was mentioning 'Righteousness and Justice', he was not alluring to a figure of speech. The Psalmist was literally saying that the throne of God is founded on Righteousness and Justice.

Close your eyes for a moment:

'Imagine yourself seeing the throne of God. And then imagine seeing a 'structure' beneath God' seat... That structure is not an earthly stone. That structure beneath His seat is made of Righteousness and Justice.

I am not gonna write about Righteousness but I will talk briefly about Justice.

Think about this:

'Since the throne of God is firm and will have no end, we can boldly say that His throne is built on a good and firm foundation. '

Since Justice is part of the foundation of His throne, it makes sense that God be the Judge of all.

Therefore, if God uses Righteousness and Justice to solidify the foundation of His throne, what makes you think that you can last without Righteousness and Justice?

If you venture yourself to exclude Righteousness and Justice, you will not last.

As I mentioned earlier, I will not discuss much on Righteousness. However, I want you to think about something:

'A country that neglects Justice will see its foundations shaken to the core. Most third world countries have battling economies, dismantled governments and battered populations because their leaders neglected Justice'

If you venture to make a study on the main cause of suffering within poor countries, you will surely find one root cause: 'INJUSTICE'.

Injustice and firmness don't go hand in hand.
Injustice and longevity don't go hand in hand.
Injustice and prosperity don't go hand in hand.

One of the Psalms that speak best about justice is the Psalm 82:

''God presides over heaven’s court;
he pronounces judgment on the heavenly beings:
“How long will you hand down unjust decisions
by favoring the wicked? Interlude

“Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
Rescue the poor and helpless;
deliver them from the grasp of evil people.
But these oppressors know nothing;
they are so ignorant!
They wander about in darkness,
while the whole world is shaken to the core.
I say, ‘You are gods;
you are all children of the Most High.
But you will die like mere mortals
and fall like every other ruler.’”

Rise up, O God, and judge the earth,
for all the nations belong to you''


Notice that in Psalm 82:5, the Psalmist says the whole is shaken to the core. It is shaken because Justice, valued by God as part of His throne foundation, has been removed from the land where wickedness is practiced.

Be an agent of Justice. Not the world justice that contravenes the Scripture. But the Justice that operates within the confinement of God's precepts.