In John 4, a Samaritan woman became a change agent in her town by testifying on behalf of Jesus. But her testimony was convincing because she was changed through the encounter she had with Jesus.
In Mark 5:1-20, a demon possessed man makes waves with his testimony about Jesus in Decapolis city. His testimony was powerful and convincing because of the transformation he experienced: 'he was delivered by Jesus from a legion of demons and the whole city knew his story'.

Both the Samaritan woman and the exorcised man were in a position to be very influential witnesses because they were genuinely transformed through their encounter with Jesus.
It is possible for a non-transformed person to attempt a venture into changing the world. We have seen it several times through life and history. However, a non-transformed person will face credibility and authenticity issues. Furthermore, the message or the delivery of a person ,who refuses to be transformed by God, will constantly face questions.

Imagine if the man in Mark 5:1-20, was trying to evangelize Decapolis while still being you think that his message would be received? I don't think it would.
You see my friend, I am not discounting the possibility that a 'non-transformed' person can make changes. However, there is strong evidence that a 'non-transformed' person will have serious limitations in his/her quest to change the world on behalf of Jesus.
One of the lessons we can learn from the Samaritan and the 'demon-possessed' man is this: ' a 'non-transformed' person will have credibility issues but a person ,transformed by Jesus, will be able to change entire cities and regions through their message or through their mission partly because of their genuine authenticity and credibility.

The exorcised man could speak about freedom because he was transformed as a free man. He was credible. People should be able to test the authenticity of your God-given message or mission by looking at both the state of your soul and at the state of your life.

You see my friend, I see 'transformation in the Kingdom' as a master class that every Christian should undergo. Check this out:

*The Apostles of Jesus went through three years of transformation before changing the world.
* David had to wait for over 10 years between the time he was anointed and the time he became king. Those years were spent in fights, leadership practice, and many other transformative experience. When David was anointed, he was a boy but when he became a king, he was a grown man-leader.
There is so much I could say about Paul, Joseph, Joshua and many others...

Transformation ,as brought by Jesus, is a process in which God adjusts both our souls and personal lives to align them as supportive tools to boost the credibility of our message or mission.
I see transformation in the Kingdom as a school class that every Christian should undergo and pass. Many Christians have fallen short in their mission or in spreading their God-given message because they never attended 'Kingdom transformation classes'.
It is a wonderful thing to be transformed by Jesus. It might be painful and sometimes humbling but it is worth it.

Only the Kingdom-transformed will positively impact their environment. If you have not undergone the 'the Kingdom transformation class', by all means jump in it.

And if you have passed the class(es), then Congratulations to you! Don't forget that there might be many more classes to come...

Let us all be transformed by God and His word.