There is a very simple way to be blessed and the secret is found in the book of Revelation.
You see my friend, I have noticed that the book of Revelation is one of the least preached and least taught book within the church mainly because it is full of mysteries difficult to decode.
However, there is a key to blessings in the book of Revelation. The key is found in the following passage:
'The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.'
(Revelations 1:1-3)

*Blessed is the one who reads the book of Revelation aloud.
*Blessed is the one who hears it and take it to heart.

In the most recent years, I took the habit of reading sections within the book of Revelation on a daily basis during my prayer time. I can definitely tell you that I have experienced constructive and positive changes in my life. Those changes did not occur overnight but gradually.
By reading the book of Revelation ALOUD, you will hear yourself. And as you hear yourself repetitively, you will take to heart what is written in the book of Revelation. By reading aloud and hearing yourself, you will tap automatically within the Blessing included in the passage of Revelation 1:3.

Please note that you will not necessarily see positive changes in your life overnight. However, constructive changes in your life will definitely occur gradually.
You do not need to read the whole book in one prayer session. You can just read various sections on daily basis.

Now, I will respond to one question that most people ask regarding the book of Revelations:
'Why is the book of Revelation too complicated?'
That's an extremely valid question especially when considering the symbols that the Apostle John included with reference to dragons, beasts, Babylon, the mysterious pregnant woman...It all seems too much to decode.

The book of Revelation contains parts that can be easily understood and parts that are so hard to comprehend. The mysterious parts of the book are so codified to an extent where many teachers have contradicted themselves by trying to explain the book.

However, there is one big reason as to why the book of Revelation is mysterious. I will tell you why:
'Beyond just being a revelation granted to the Apostle John, the book of Revelation contains a 'future war strategy' from God against His enemy Satan.

In the Bible episodes recording the temptations of Jesus, we can see clear evidence that Satan has access to the Scriptures. As a matter of facts, Satan and demons can even enter churches and hear sermons. For this reason, many of the passages in the Book of Revelations are codified so that Satan does not get hold of future mysteries.
In other words, In the book of Revelation, God really intends on annihilating His enemies to the point where He wants to surprise them through mysteries.

Furthermore, If Satan could have access to ALL the codified explanation of the mysteries in the book of Revelation, then it could endanger the church...(but this topic will be part of another post).
God gets so mysterious in the book of Revelation to the point where He forbids John from writing the mystery of the seven thunders (Ref. Revelation 10:4).

In lights of what I have just written, I can only conclude that God intentionally designed the book of Revelations to be mysterious and codified.
Therefore, don't feel bad if you fall short of decoding every mystery included in the book of Revelation.
There are certain people who believe that they must decode everything in the book of Revelation. That false sense of obligation leads them into inventing explanations on the passage of Revelations and in most cases, they get it wrong.

In order to come back to the opening of my text related to the blessing, this is what I have to say:
'Simply because the book of Revelation contains mysteries, it does not mean that you can't read it aloud daily. 
Even if you don't understand everything, at least it will increase your awareness on the return of Jesus, the Judgement day and on events preceding the end. And above all, you will be blessed'.

Just do the reading.