Don't prematurely abort your mission through carelessness

In my 22 years in the Lord, I have learned that 'not all promises of God are guaranteed without conditions'.
I have seen people who were destined for greatness according to promises and prophecies that were spoken upon them...but as the years went on, those people never reached the realization of the prophecies spoken upon them.

One of the main reasons why certain people don't reach or match their prophesied full potential, is caused by what I call: 'purpose self-sabotage'.
Some of your personal actions can easily contribute to sabotaging your God designed purpose.
The greatest model of leadership and self-control is found in Jesus-Christ. During his ministry, he was often pushed by his enemies to say things that would incriminate and prematurely end his mission. But in many instances, He would either:
*refuse to respond or,
*Respond in a diffuse manner that would prevent his mission from being prematurely terminated.
Jesus even refused to fully satisfy the interrogative demands of Pontius Pilate , through deflecting responses, so that His pathway towards the cross would be cleared. 

There has been several times where Jesus enemies attempted to trap Him without success because Jesus knew how to speak and behave in a way that would protect the realization of His mission.
In my 22 years of commitment to Christ, I have failed at times and I have succeeded at times. I have seen some success stories and I have seen some terrible failures (I was gifted with a deep sense of observation).

Listen! Listen! Listen!

A prophecy spoken upon you is not necessarily a done deal. Some prophecies need our participation.
Here are a few examples:

* Example 1:A prophecy from God may have been spoken upon a young man. The prophecy states that he will be a great NBA player. It sounds like great news, but the prophecy may not materialize if the young man regularly eats unhealthy food or if he never trains.

*Example 2: A young lady receives a prophecy from God stating that she will become a great Judge. It sounds like great news but it will never come to past if the lady decides on studying poetry at university instead of studying law.

How many times, have I seen people complain and say tings like:
'10 years ago, God spoke to me and said that I would become 'this' or 'that'...but nothing has happened since.'

Certain prophecies need our participation. Jesus showed the way on how to preserve a mission without letting personal mistakes shortening it.
If Jesus was cautious in his responses and behavior towards his enemies in order to clear his path towards the cross at the appointed time, then we should also speak and act in a manner that preserves the full realization of our God given mission.