Kanye West and the end times signs

In the past months, there has been a lot of theories and conspiracy debates surrounding the coronavirus, the 666 (mark of the Beast), the microchip vaccine , the H.R. 6666 proposed bill and so many other things...

To be honest with you:' I don't base my teachings on conspiracies or imagination BUT we CANNOT dismiss all the current events.' Some theories are not worth discussing but some signs are openly pointing towards the end times.
Therefore, just like many of you, I have been keeping my eyes on some of the satanic shenanigans occurring in global politics.


In Matthew 16:1-4, Jesus gets into an altercation with his enemies who demanded a sign from Heaven. But Jesus rebuked them by saying: '...You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times..' (ref. Matthew 16:3).
In other words the Pharisees and Sadducees knew how to interpret geographical and scientific signs determining the weather BUT they could not interpret signs of their times.
By 'signs of the times', Jesus was making reference to His presence on Earth along with the miracles He already performed.

The passage of Matthew 16:1-4 strongly relates to our current times where we have a group of people who still ridicule tangible signs pointing towards: the 666, the upcoming persecution of the church, a new global order...
I am not surprised when media outlets ridicule Christianity and the Church concerns over political signs pointing towards the mark of the beast by advancing scientific arguments. Look again at Matthew 16:1-4 and you will notice that the Pharisees knew their geographical science very well (like the rationalist of today) but they could'nt interpret their current times.
Look at this for a moment:' there are political documents and clear global crisis that point OPENLY to the mark of the beast and the end times...Yet, many intelligent people (with degrees) don't even try to consider some of the Biblical texts that were written 2000 YEARS AGO.
It is even more concerning to see seasoned ministers ,with huge amount of followers, either dismissing or downplaying those signs.It baffles me...

Here is another important sign I want you look at: KANYE WEST.
Before you laugh...I suggest that you  read my post titled: 'TRIBULATIONS OF THE CHURCH: MATTHEW 24'. In that post, I explained that there will be a resistance (insurgency) from the Church that will set the entire world against the Christians. The post is an explainer of the tribulation of the church.
Regardless of the fact that he may win,lose or fail to run in his campaign bid, Kanye West is a sign.
Kanye West is a sign that the Church (Christians) will rise against the Satanic agenda of the current times.Even IF Kanye West fails to launch his bid, he would have planted an inspirational seed for another Christian to do the same in the future. And the outcome of the Christian insurgency will culminate in a global war featuring the Church vs. the rest of world. Please read my post titled: 'TRIBULATIONS OF THE CHURCH: MATTHEW 24'.

Look out for the signs because in interpreting them correctly, you will know the times.