God wants lovers, not robots

Is God controlling your will?

This is one of the most controversial theological question ever asked during this age of ours.
If God controls our will, then why Jesus tells us to ask that God's will be done on Earth like it is in Heaven? (Matthew 6:9-13)

Why do we have to request that His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven?

In the garden of Eden, God did not control Adam and Eve' s will before they ate the forbidden fruit. But He told them prior, what He wanted them to do. And this is how God works...He reveals his will to us and He expects us to do it without forcing us.

Tell me something: 'Which one would you prefer between a lover who wants to be with you and a lover you are forcing to be with you?'

I don't know about you, but I will prefer the one who willingly wants to be with me. God wants children, sons and daughters who are willing to be with Him, willing to do His will out of their own choice. He never intended to be surrounded by robots. Have you noticed, that never once, has Jesus forced the Jewish people to love Him?
The will of God is not systematic. Simply because God spoke a prophecy upon you, does not mean that it will necessarily happen. You have to be willing to make it happen with your choices.
I have seen and witnessed many people who had received prophecies upon their lives...but very few of them has seen them through realization.
Doing the will of God ,has and will never be something being forced upon us. You have to make the decision to abide to it and follow through.

To all the people who are wondering as to why the will of God has never happened in their lives up to this day, here is my response to them:

'God never intended on you to be a robot. He wants you to be willingly active in doing what He says you should do in his own terms. Not in your terms, but in his own terms.

Today, take the time to reflect and check where you might have been inactive or disobedient and make a change.'