Ecclesiastes 10:19 :'Money answers all things'- a sided commentary on the verse of the Wise.

You see my friend, I do not believe that money is everything. Contrarily to what many people (including believers) assume, money is a human invention just like any other inventions. Money was not created by God.

Before I carry on, it would be necessary that we dispel two myths:

1. Money is everything:

 ' that belief pretty much is inspired from bankers and fund wealth managers who has successfully instilled it in the minds of many because it (the belief) works for their profits.
But this belief is false because in the beginning as reported from the Bible in Genesis, there was no money in existence and Adam had everything already. Adam and Even were the richest couple of human history...think of that.
Secondly, money came in existence around 5000 years BC. This is a timeline that falls  after Genesis chapter 1. If money is everything, then how were humans living from Genesis chapter 1 to the timeline around 5000 BC.

Note as well, that even though money was invented around 5000 BC, its use was not fully propagated around the world. So there were still certain regions of the world that only got to know money around the 18th century. If money is everything, then how were people living in those regions?
Therefore money is not everything. It is something but not everything.

2. Money is the solution to all problems: 

This myth originates from a misread scripture quoted in Ecclesiastes 10:19 and which says: 'Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.'
Though the Scripture does say that money answers all things, the same Scripture does not say that money has the RIGHT answers for everything.

Let me explain it this way: 'Suppose you have a 'bubbly friend' who enjoys talking a lot and who has an opinion about everything. Every time you ask a question or an advice to your friend, she/he always has an answer. Does it mean that your friend is necessarily giving the right answers to everything?
No. Certainly not.
Money certainly gives a response to everything but those responses are not always the RIGHT ones.
If money was giving the right response to everything then why do we still have wealthy people committing suicide or seeking peace in drugs? If money was giving the right response to everything then why is it so hard for certain individuals to find peace or true love in spite of having money? If money has the right response to everything, then why do we still have a few African countries wealthy in minerals and yet struggling economically?

Though money is a very good tool to have, it may become a dangerous behavior to consult money for every problem in the hope to obtain the right answers. The only person who can provide the right answers to all problems is God Himself.
Once we treat money as the absolute source to all our solutions, then we make of money a god.

I am not saying that we should not have money. But I am saying that it becomes dangerous to expect money to deliver the RIGHT answers to all our challenges, thus turning us away from consulting God.

Whether we are in wealth or facing challenges, God must remain our ultimate and best consulting confident.