Only what you hear from God will build your faith

You see, one thing I learned about the word 'love' is the following: 'it will never seem fully believable until it shows in concrete proof'.

God did not just love the world with intents or words but He went to the extent of giving His only begotten Son to the world.

When someone professes their love for you, the same love should show in their behavior as well. This statement is valid for any relationship type.
It would not be credible to hear someone profess their love for you while manifesting a behavior towards you that contradicts their professed love.

Now, every Sunday during the Worship service, tons of believers get struck in awe and get overwhelmed with 'goosebumps, butterflies in stomach, chicken-skin effects,etc...'. And they profess their amazement or love to God...
It is somehow great to have those 'feelings' or 'emotions' BUT we should be reminded that God is not moved by emotions... If God was moved by emotions, then food would be falling from Heavens in countries stricken by famines and economic impoverishment.

God is moved by faith (reference Hebrews 11:6) and faith comes from hearing-and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). It's when turn to God by faith that He moves.

You may want to experience 'goosebumps' or 'chicken skin' during prayer -worship times but this should not be your main goal. The worst part is that many believers assume that having 'goosebumps' or 'tears' during worship time is proof that they love God. 
Having 'goosebumps' should not be the main goal of our worship or prayer time. We should pray, worship and meditate with the expectation to hear God speaking to us. Some of the things we hear from God, will need to be practiced.

This is a more interactive way of living our relationship with God.
After all, in a relationship individuals talk to each other. Prayer and meditation should be a dialogue.

I really want to invite you to go for 'faith built on hearing what God says' because Jesus said something that contains His standard of our love towards Him: 'If you love me, you will obey my commandments.' (John 14:15)

If we really want to manifest our love towards God (not only in words), we have to obey His commandments. To obey His commandments, we first have to hear them. But how shall we hear them when we only settle for 'goosebumps'?
With complete certainty I can declare this: 'It is possible to experience 'goosebumps' every Sunday and not live the will of God in our lives simply due to the fact that we either don't hear from God or we refuse to practice what He instructs us to do.' I am not against any physical manifestation we may sense during prayer or worship. But what good do manifestation if our lives are not transformed?

Additionally, I am inviting you to reach a point where you can actually hear from God and practice what He tells you.
Jesus never said: 'If you love me, you will feel goosebumps'.
No, He never said that. That false statement is a standard of love we have set ourselves.

And again: 'I am not against any physical manifestation'. I actually think that some physical manifestations are very positive. Additionally to what you may feel, go for the word and practice It.

Because ,surely, God has something to say.