The mountain of Joseph

 There is a wonderful story with many facets included in the Bible and it's the story of a young man named Joseph.

At age 17, he was told in a dream that he would become a ruler over his brothers and parents. Upon hearing the dream, his siblings got jealous and decided to sell him as a slave to an Egyptian.
A while later, Joseph ends up as a slave in a house of a man called Potiphar and it turns that he had favor in the eyes of his master to the point of becoming a 'slave supervisor'. But Joseph was so handsome that Potiphar's wife tried to lure him into having an affair with her...As honest as he was, Joseph refused the advance of the woman who ,as an angry response, decided to falsely accuse him of rape attempt. Upon hearing a false report from his wife, Potiphar decides to send Joseph to jail.
But even in jail, Joseph was still favored from God and ended up in a supervisory role within the prison.
While in jail, Joseph managed to show off some his dream interpretations gift to two fellow prisoners who were working for the Pharaoh .A while later, one of them got released and re-instated to his position within the Pharoah 's entourage.
One day,the same Pharaoh got a strange dream and none of his sorcerers could explain the meaning of it. Fortunately, the former prisoner who spent time in jail with Joseph and who got re-instated, remembered Joseph and recommended him to the Pharaoh as a good 'dream interpreter'. The Pharaoh followed the advice of his worker and called on Joseph to help.

When Joseph met the Pharaoh, his dream interpretation gift were spot on; Joseph gave a political and strategic advice that would save Egypt and as a result, the Pharaoh found fit to elevate Joseph as an almighty prime minister to prevent an economic crisis premonitioned in the Pharaoh's dream.

You can find the story of Joseph the Book of Genesis from chapter 39.

The story has many facets, but one interesting facet is contained in the hardship Joseph endured while going up towards realizing his dream. He was sold by his own brothers, he became a slave, he was falsely accused and thrown to jail.

Sometimes ,simply because someone is going through a rough time, does not mean that they have committed something odious or bad. There will be times in life where you will be faced with some terrible turbulences when you decide on climbing the mountain that God has set for you as an inheritance.
And when troubles come because of your obedience to the call, remember that you have done nothing wrong and that you need on keeping up your walk.
Many have faced hardship because of the call or the dream bestowed on them...Even professional climbers will confirm that if you try to reach to top of the highest mountains, you will surely be met with some opposition such as temperature drop, avalanches and even snow.

As followers of Christ, we should quit thinking that the devil will leave us alone...

Think of this:' in the book of Apocalypse, the Bible records that Satan will fight to the end against Jesus. That account is in the future and there are enough scriptural evidence showing that Satan knows the Bible...therefore he surely knows his end'.

Here is a good question for us:

'If Satan will put up a fight to the very last day, also called 'Armageddon war' by many scholars, what tells us that he will leave us alone on our life purpose journey?'

When you went up the mountain or when you decided on realising the dream God gave you, the resistance you faced, made you feel as if you went backwards...Quit thinking that!
You never went backwards. But you went upwards just like Joseph did. Every resistance and troubles he faced, were steps going upwards.
If you are following a God given vision, and if you are faced with troubles, remember that you are going upwards and this explains all the troubles you are facing.

The mountain of Joseph is only for those who are obeying the call.

Keep pressing, you gonna be alright.