Be more fullfilled with less

 Choosing a minimalist lifestyle as a bridge to achieve your dream and purpose can be considered as an excellent option. So many courageous people have opted for modesty, contentment, and sacrifice in order to reach the lights at the end of their tunnel.

 Back in the days , I was still studying through corresponce via the University of South Africa. While doing so, I had a full time job that was providing me with some good money. I was so trust worthy at work, that my boss entrusted me with a lot of responsibilities and consequently, I was getting a decent pay.

But money was not what matterred to me the most. Even my job was not as important as what really mattered in my heart :' my studies.' Having a well paid full time job was making it hard for me to pass my subjects and get a university degree. I always wanted to finish my undergraduate course and be graduated with a good diploma. Like many people out there, I ended up facing a choice: 'Complete my studies or make money.'

I knew that if I had to choose money over my dream, then I would never be fullfiled in my heart. The more I stayed on my job, the bigger the emptiness grew in my heart. I could just choose to go for my dream but one thing was holding me back:

'If I leave my job, how am I going to survive?How am I going to pay to surmounting bills?'

I had an idea:' quit my job ,going back to my father's house and live there for a while until I managed to complete my studies. Guess what, I completed my course, graduated few months later and was filled with a great satisfaction that money can not buy. I was happy and at peace.'

Finishing my studies was part of the big dream God had given me.

Many out there, reading my short testimony could learn one or two things.

' I decided to be minmalist, living with less because it was the only way for me to focus on my dream. The choice was temporal but worth it.'

So...What is holding people back from achieving their God given dreams?

Is it your a full-time job? The pursuit of making more money to pay for unuseful credits debts?

Do you believe that you could find a way of living without those things ( credit cards debts, a well paying job, unuseful items...) holding you back and while creating time for your dream?

If you can't detach from what 's holding you back, then when shall you start?

In my opinion, minimalism could be a temporal choice unitl you reach the dream you are aiming towards. You don't have to live in deep sacrifice all the time.

Take courage and  make a step.

You can not serve God and Money in the same time.