You can get started on your dreams, even with less.

 Sometimes it looks as if you are always limited or shortchanged,

Sometimes it seems as if life only offers you a strict limited amount of resources to do the things that other people around do with ease.

Sometimes it seems as if you are always requested to cross a river without a boat, while others living around you constantly have boats to journey on the other side.

And yes, you are right to grieve towards this seemingly unjust treatment. 

Sometimes, every time you attempt to take a decision, you are constantly limited by circumstances or resources....

Hold's not the end of your life. God wants you to do the 'impossible' with the little you have.
And when you finally achieve your dream, projects or goal, it will be totally difficult to boast in your abilities since you will be aware that the little you had, could not help you achieve what you did.

What do you do when you have to cross a river and there is no boat?
 Answer: 'You swim. Your arms are the resources available right now.'

What do you do when you wish to start a business but you don't have the money for it?
Answer: 'Start with what you have. You got intelligence which can help you draft a business plan, and convince partners to join you.

Often before starting a vision, we focus on what we do not have and we forget what we have in hands. Many heroes who were called by God such as Moses, David, Gideon, Paul and many others were often limited in their human capacities.

Moses was a great leader, but did you know that Moses had a speech impediment?
Gideon was called to lead his Nation, but did you know that he considered himself as the smallest guy from the smallest tribe in Israel?
Mary was the mother of Jesus, but did you know that when announced by Gabriel that she would bear Jesus in her belly, she focused on the 'man she did not know sexually'?

We focus on the things we do not have and we say stuff like:

'If I had this or that, then I would be started on my project....'

The Bible never said that you shall thrive or live through the size of your bank accounts, or the amounts of friends or resources you have. The Bible never said that.

The Bible said: ' The just shall live by faith'. (Habakkuk 2:4)

Start with what you have right now.