God can create other alternatives to bless you

What do you do when a door of opportunity closes in front of you?
What do you do when a door that seemed to to be meant for you, just shuts down?

There are times where we tend to believe that we are finished if an opportunity shuts down.

Maybe someone promised you a job and later changed his mind,
Maybe your lover just walked away from you to marry somebody else...

Whatever door that might have closed down in front of you, can be replaced....

God is not limited or short in his pockets.

Do you really think that God worries when doors close in front of you?

Let me say this: ' When God wants to bless you, he often uses people to realize His goal. Unfortunately, some people choose not to obey and refuse to follow God's commands for various reasons.'

Humans were created with the power of choice and free will. This explains why some people would not want to marry a partner chosen by God.

When you face difficulties and closed doors, remember this:

'God is unlimited.'

One day Jesus was welcomed by a crowd of followers who chanted His Name saying:'Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord'...while they were chanting Him, the Pharisees complained and asked Jesus to silence the crowd. But Jesus replied:

'Even if they keep quiet, the stones of the wall will cry out and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.' (Luke 19:35-40)

The Bible also says that Jesus King hood shall have no end (Isaiah 9:7).

One day, Jesus and disciples needed to pay their temple tax , guess where they got the money from?

'Out of a fish'

What am I trying to say?

Jesus knew that if people did not want to praise Him, the stones would. The Bible said that Jesus' Kingdom will have no end in power.

So how do those facts relate to you?

'Think like Jesus: Out of the box.'

Jesus was not limited to one thing one way of doing things...

If a bank turned you down on a loan application, there is another one waiting for you.

If a company declined your job application, why think that it is the end? Another company needs you.

God can create multiple doors and ways. Don't go thinking that a closed door is the end of everything.

He can even make a way in the desert...This is how much you should think of God. This is how you should think about your alternatives.

Nobody should make you believe that they are your only hopes...Even if they don't help you, God can raise other people to help. You don't need to beg anyone because God has multiple options and doors for you.

Remember this: “ on your side, you should not allow your disobedience to be the cause for a closed door. Do your part by fully obeying God.”

Now you know what to do when a door closes in front of you.

God bless you.