How you can finish your plans and projects like God.

If your life remains stagnant, then there is definitely something wrong. When God decided to build the world, there was nothing , but He had in mind the end of his project. He knew what would be the finished product of His creation. The only way to achieve His project was to build the world through stages. So He divided His plan within a span of 7 days. Please pay attention:

'Each day was a stage. Each stage was adding something on top of the previous day. Each day was leading to the achievement of His project.'

We therefore understand that God was moving in sequence to finish his work. The only way to move forward is by moving in sequence.

When God created man, He made him in His own image. It also means that man should be able to move in sequence in his life and make progress..

Do you know what it means?

It means that if your life does not progress and remains stagnant, you are not moving in sequence and you are not acting like God.

God has created you in His image, therefore you should act like Him:

'Be specific and hold in mind the final picture of your projects.'

One of the tricks to achieve is to know what' s next in the sequence.

The apostle Paul refers to our life as a race, and all races have stages. If you are not seeing new stages, it also means that you are not moving. You are static, and that's diabolical.

Remove the evil seed that stops you from thinking about the next phase of your project. By dividing your journey into small stages, you make things easier and you will see achievement more often.

Be like God, make and embrace sequential phases in your career, your relationships, your children's upbringing, your ministry, your life journey and move ahead.